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    I picked up this I.O. AK a few months ago in an ongoing effort to try to like the platform. Sadly, I do not. So I am selling it to replace another gun I got rid of a while ago.

    It is a pretty standard AK. 7.62x39, Black synthetic furniture. Standard scope mount rail on left side of the receiver. Threadedmuzzle and slant break. It's in good shape. I fired one mag to function test it, but that's it. The previous owner didn't have a round counter installed, so I don't know the exact count. Sorry for the sarcasm.

    Here's the deal. I am only looking to sell, as I need to fund another project already started. The price is $550 for just the gun and two 30-round polymer mags (one I.O. marked, the other tapco). I also have 350 rounds of ammo for it, as well as three magpul p-mags. If the buyer wants that as well, the price is $670.

    If you want to drive to Sweet Home, I will cover all but the $10 background check fee. I will deliver as far as Albany, but transfer arrangements and costs are up to you.

    Thanks for looking!

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