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    I have a B&C stock with adjustable LOP, Cant, and Drop. The stock butt pad doesn't fit well and want to add a little more curve. I want something that could be adjustable top and bottom. I can't just add the pad from a "Morgan" as there's too much curve for my shoulder.

    I saw a "pad" on a High-Power custom rifle not long ago that had what looked like a skeletonized and hinged plate with some individual rubber "buttons" added to the surface. It appeared that the plate had adjustments on top and bottom so the shooter could customize the amount of curve to fit their shoulder "pocket" and insure the same position from shot to shot and not have the butt move from place during recoil.

    The actual recoil is not an issue. The rifle weighs over 17#, is .308 cal. and has a great muzzle brake. Recoil on this Bolt Action is no more than a totally stock .223 Bolt Action like a Remington SPS-Tactical.

    Any ideas on how to accomplish this or does someone out there already offer an "add-on" that could be adapted to the "shoe" that holds the current rubber pad(?) on the B&C Stock.

    I have considered just cutting the rubber loose at top and bottom of the adjustment block and adding wedges of plastic but this would involve a lot of trial and error, possibly a lot of gluing, cutting, re-gluing, etc. Like the idea of something adjustable and especially if there is something out there on the market but too obscure for me to find with the usual searches.

    Thanks and I look forward to any suggestions.

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