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So yesterday I shot my sig 556 for the first time and was really enjoying it until the pin in the hinge launched out and bubblegumed up my glasses. There is a little snap ring on the bottom of this pin that holds it in and it's a common failure.

Anyway I'm hoping to find someone that can turn a piece of rod stock and thread the bottom like this guy did. I've included a pic of the orginal and what I'm looking to have made. Reach out to me if you think you can make this happen thanks!

Picture231.jpg Screenshot_20210418-082804_Google.jpg
I'm sure they would, but I was going to add that if the part failed on the first time shooting, I'd be very suspect of a replacement being more durable.
The USA SIG 556 has not been in production for years, I cannot imagine they have parts available anymore.
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