Here as of late I have been spending a lot of time at my reloading bench with my old favorite companion Mr. 20 year old Rock Chucker. Reloading is a stress reliever for me and my reloading bench is a place to go after one of those tough days at work. Like most when I started out reloading I started out on this single stage press which has seen tens of thousands of rounds throughout the years. And like most reloaders as technology have advanced I have moved forward with it owning a Lee Classic 4 hole turret press and a Hornady Progressive LnL press. Over the years I have found my Rock Chucker sitting lonely mounted to the end of the bench unless I am in need of rifle rounds. I still prefer to load all of my rifle ammunition on the single stage. Having tried rifle on a progressive the flow of the process does not feel safe to me, cleaning, full length sizing, stopping, trimming brass, stopping, priming brass, stopping ok you get the point I think. Now before you condemn me to eternal damnation, there are many reloaders out there whom have mastered reloading rifle on a progressive press and feel totally comfortable with it. I guess it is hard to teach old dogs new tricks as I have the same process for the last 20 years of reloading rifle, processing batches at a minimal of 200 rounds at a time and it is this process I am most comfortable with. I also know that the Rock Chucker gives me more consistent tolerances having measured cartridge overall length utilizing the same exact dies just two different presses but I digress.

Though I enjoy reloading time is very precious as any session could be interrupted by a call from work or any other life moment. Though I have a 20 year old process thats tried and true I have made a few changes over the years to become more efficient, in a sense thats part of the excitement and joy of moving to a turret or progressive press. Spending so much time reloading pistol ammo as of late and really enjoying it I found myself at the bench looking down at the Rock Chucker asking myself what can I do to make rifle reloading more efficient and enjoyable. That's when it hit me, one of the things I love about my Hornady LnL is the ability to quickly change calibers, it is also the reason I purchased the Lee Classic 4 hole Turret press for low production ammunition runs. Enter the idea of possibly modding the Rock Chucker for easy caliber changes and I knew Hornady made a kit for this very task, the Hornady Lock and Load Conversion Kit. Like any mods I take on I make sure to have the right tools first to complete the job and for this one I was going to need to acquire a 1 1/2in socket as I did not have anything that large in my toolbox.

For the complete process go here Improving a 20 Year Old Rock Chucker | Day At The Range
I bought a set for my Lee Classic SS press so I can do the same thing. Only do 2 calibers but hey it saves a little time I guess.
One thing I really don't miss about my old RCBS Rockchucker is it'd spew at least 10% of the decapped primers all over the place. I'm super happy with the cast iron Lee products.. all primers are collected through the ram and then into a collection tube.. many lengthen the tube so it goes into like a coffee can with a hole in the lid.. that'll hold a lot of spent primers.Other than that, the 'chucker is a great press.
I use a rock chucker to load 30-06, I also size/decap all of my .223 and .44 mag brass on the rock chucker. Not sure how old the press I use is, it belongs to the boss, it's gotta be at least 20 years old, no telling how many times the handle has been pulled on that old press.
Nice write up. I just did a similar update to my 80's vintage rock chucker but I wanted to be able to use the same dies with my new Hornady lock n load AP interchangeably. I found that I could back out the rock chucker adapter to match the Hornady dimensions. I made up some shims to fill the gap and finally used some loctite to keep the adapter at the right place.
Now I can simply swap the dies between the rock chucker rand Hornady LnL without changing adjustment.
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