Sorry to hear that bud I feel your pain it is getting ridiculous I just don’t understand how they can sell me gas at $4.00 a gallon then a week later it’s $5.89? Whatever bull crap that the media is feeding these people I ain't buying! I don’t understand how there isn’t a law set in place that a certain good cannot go up past a certain percentage in a certain amount of time. Meaning I shouldnt be able to up your gas price in such a sort time span. It should happen Incrementally. The problem is once people realized that they can overcharge for gas and people will buy it because we need to get to work then morality goes out the window and people are charging are arm and a leg for what use to be $3 a gallon. Truly ridiculous that it is almost twice as much.
This is not by accident. They stopped building the pipe line the first week in office! Do not forget getting rid of fossile fule is the goal.
There's a simple solution to the gas crunch and paying high prices. Buy a membership to your local gun club, and save all the gas and travel time you spend driving to some remote place to shoot.
It's also a good safety issue to shoot at your gun club and not wonder if the guy who shows up to shoot out in the woods is going to handle guns safely, or maybe be a criminal whose there to take your guns!
I haven't shot out in the woods for over 30 years, and don't miss the long drives, or the gasoline used to get there, even when it was cheaper. I did have a few friends who rode dirt bikes, and shot together back in the 80's, and we loved to make a weekend of doing that back then. But none of us ride anymore, so a dedicated trip just to shoot can cost 1/3rd of what a membership at a gun club costs easily! Maybe even half of the gun club if you drive a gas hog, or drive a long distance!
Sounds like everything I am looking for... Roughly where in NOWA is your ranch, how many acres is it, what does the cabin look like, how far off the road is the cabin, how close is the nearest neighbor, how far are you from the nearest "town", send a pic of your range, and how much do you want for it? Serious question...

If the price is right, and it's far enough off the beaten path and out of the sight of Leftist gun-grabbers, I might consider staying in WA instead of fleeing to ID...
Thanks for the interest, but the property is not for sale.
My wife's niece is visiting this week from Guam. Gas prices there just went UNDER $5. I don't know where their gas comes from, but it's obviously shipped across a large chunk of ocean. So why are we paying more than that on the west coast of the mainland? Federal energy policies of the progressive / woke in place. VOTE next month!
Saw this on reddit, thought of this thread.

this would be a truly Portland solution to your problem :)


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