I just ordered my FFL packet...any suggestions?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by sandman1212, Oct 30, 2010.

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    I just ordered my FFL packet from the ATF. any other FFL's out there have any suggestions, hints or tips for filling out the application, or is it pretty straight forward? I am getting it as a means of transferring easier, low cost intermediary between people for transfers, buying firearms at lower cost and possible part time business from home. General comments welcome about if it is worth it etc...
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    It's pretty much straight forward. Fill out all the forms. Follow all the directions. Get all your other required licensing first so you can send in copies along with your finger print cards.
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    Check with your local zoning laws (city, county etc...) if your home based business is allowed. That is the first thing ATF is going to do. Most places will allow it as long as you make arrangements not to have customers come to your house. I have seen some ordinances say that a home business is allowed as long as it doesn't require more than (fill in the blank) square feet in your home or gross more than (fill in the blank) dollars or have alot of traffic in your neighborhood. Some places allow home business as long as you do not need a Federal License.

    Bottom line, do your local homework first because that is the first thing they will check on.

    If I may suggest something to you, when it asks you what type of business you are doing with your FFL, put down gunsmith. ATF is cracking down on kitchen table gun dealers but they understand the needs of a gunsmith. Also I am going to PM you some G2 I just found out about your VA VOC-REHAB.

    Trust me it is good :D


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