I got the whole gun thing figured out.

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    Ok so I have been thinking about this for a while and think I got the whole gun thing figured out. What if, I mean think about it what if we ban people? A great idea isn’t it? :)

    I mean really I was watching the show on TV about Life without people and I thought that’s it ban people. Crime would stop and no guns would ever load themselves and shoot any innocent animals or people. There would be no wars, no pollution and no political BS. The planet would purge itself over time of all mans junk and then be great once again.

    If you have seen the movie the Matrix where the agent explains what humans are, this would make sense…

    What do ya think? :)

    Remember no innocent guns will or have been harmed if this happens or in this posting. :thumbup:

    agent smith : humans are a virus - YouTube
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