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I found a 9mm barrel on e-bay for that kid sized rifle I wanted to build and this is how far I got before it got too cold to work in the garage. The hardest part so far was the barrel plug and tang. I don't have any welding equipment so I had to carve it out of a piece of bar stock. Next will be figuring out a trigger guard and trigger. The butt plate has kind if a weird shape, but I'll wing it.
Rifle-1.jpg Rifle-2.jpg Rifle-3.jpg Rifle-4.jpg
I made a trigger plate out of some brass from another project and the trigger guard I found on E-Bay has arrived.
As soon as I fit the trigger guard I'll figure out where the trigger should go and inlet the trigger plate.
trigger plate.jpg Trigger Guard.jpg Bits and Pieces.jpg
I'm running out of bits and pieces. Had to do some repurposing. :rolleyes:
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This has been an off and on project as parts and material became available but I'll try to make some sense out of it. I struggled with extending the stock forearm but nothing seemed to work out, so I re-purposed another piece of the bent boat strut and capped the existing forearm with it.
DSCF4881.jpg DSCF4888.jpg
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After much searching around for a proper butt plate, I finally just filled the stock and ordered a piece of brass on the WEB to bend and cut for a butt plate. Try bending 1/4" thick brass. All it took was a large vice and a 3' pipe on a 12" Cressent Wrench.
DSCF4885.jpg DSCF4886.jpg DSCF4893.jpg
Whle waiting for glue to dry, I cut the dovetail for the front sight and found a scrap piece of brass for a sight base. As soon as the Drum I ordered shows up, I will start work on fitting it and a trigger. Then, other than giving everything a final finish, the last thing will be a bullet sizer so that I can shoot the 9mm bullets I cast. Andy said I should try a patched .32cal ball, but I allready have the 9mm mold.

DSCF4882.jpg DSCF4883.jpg DSCF4890.jpg
Argh !!! After two evenings, numerious attempts and a lot of frustration.
(wife stayed out of the garage) :s0001:

I finally got a trigger to work in the rifle. What really made it frustrating was the Blunderbuss trigger worked the first try. :s0092:
It was a case of having to move the pivot point forward. :rolleyes:
Too bad I used the last of my 3/16 thick brass and had to make it out of aluminum.
Oh well that can be replaced later now that I have a working profile.
Next will be the drum. I'll have to buy a tap. It appears to be a 3/8 X 20 thread.
Tachoma Screw here I come. :)
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The drum is installed and tested. What a bugger it was getting it, "Clocked"
I test fired a couple of caps and in my garage.. :s0001: I forgot just how noisy they are by themselves. Now it's mainly clean up and think about blueing. I've ordered a piece of brass to replace my "aluminum" trigger.

Drum-3.jpg Drum-4.jpg
* Note to self: :rolleyes:
Never cut the front sight dove tail into a barrel blank untill you have seated the breach plug for the final time and "clocked" the drum. It's amazing how relations will change. When I got everything where I thought it should be, I looked and found my front sight dove tail almost 90 degrees from where it was supposed to be. I ended up with a .040 brass shim between the barrel and breach plug to bring things back into alignment. :s0092: Jah, too zoon old. Too late shmart. :(
I'm just now finding this thread. Very adventuresome. Thanks for sharing the process.

The stock fill at the butt, perfectly fine. I've owned a number of central European surplus military rifles with little repairs like that, here and there. It never hurt how they functioned. In fact, I've even had some depot repaired M1 Rifle stocks.
I'm still not sure his mother would let him have it and
he isn't past the pellet gun stage yet. :s0092:

I'll let him mature a little before I give it to him.
Beside, I want to play with it for a while. :rolleyes:
Target -1a.jpg Raining like crazy today. Still no sights, but here is the results from 20'. Patched round balls were OK. The 9mm bullets Key Holed. Both with 30 gr. of FFG

My Son-in law took some videos, but I don't know how to post them.
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