I attended a wilderness survival lecture the other day.

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    My Son and I attended a lecture by Peter Kummerfeldt yesterday afternoon. It was informative. It was titled "Surviving a Wilderness Emergency", and wend over some of the mindset and ways to prepare yourself for an inconvenient night in the open. Stressed being trained in at least First-aid, and highly recommended taking a Wilderness First-aid class (neither of which he teaches). Kind of stressed that by nature Survival and First-aid go hand in hand. Fairly simple stuff, but a departure from many survival folks as he advocates preparation and just making sure you have the items you need to survive, rather than improvising then from nature or other materials. Also emphasizes practice.
    Very good lecture, delivered with humor. Has some limited hands on and one-on-one demonstrations at the end. Pete stayed quite awhile after answering people's questions and showing what he finds works, for him, and why.
    Seminar only cost me 3 cans of food.

    Pet's website: http://www.outdoorsafe.com/
    His schedule: http://www.outdoorsafe.com/seminars.htm (Many of the seminars are open to the public even if they don't have an Astrix by them, speak with your local SAR coordinator).
    Check out the Survival Reference Bibliography on his website for books which contain some great info.

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