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The person that comes out and does the ATF inspection is not an ATF "agent". They are an ATF IOI, Industry Operations Investigator. All they do is the inspections and paperwork documenting inspections. These are the same ATF employees we all deal with on pop in inspections of your inventory if your and FFL. They are investigators of the administration kind. More info on IOI's:

ATF Agents are the door kickers or the guy asking you to sell your gun off the forum with no private transfer.

My interaction with the ATF staff has been great. The ATF employee that did my inspection was very polite and all business. She stressed they (the ATF) does what the current administration asks for, that was the only political part. The Portland ATF office is very helpful if you have questions.

As for rabid agent looking for the slightest mistake, that is unfortunately in some ways direct from Biden for the ATF. They have the 5 deadly sins that if an FFL crosses there is no explanations or options for the ATF, they pull your licence immediately.

Five Deadly Sins - imposed by the Biden administration. Cross any and your done.
1. Transferring a firearm to a prohibited person
2. Failing to conduct a required background check*
3. Falsifying records, such as a firearm transaction form
4. Failing to respond to a trace request
5. Refusing to permit ARF to conduct and inspection

*This one gets FFLs with the long background check waits. If it gets approved past 30 days the FFL has to do another NICS check. Imagine having 300+ customers in the que waiting to clear, 5 get approved and you call your customers and have them pick up their guns. Only that one went past 30 days and you forget/missed to run another NICS check. This will cost the dealer their FFL. This is the biggest one, that in coming inspections will probably cost a few FFLs their business due to all the really long queues we have had in the past few yrs. The IOI will see the dates not match up on inspection review, then by mandait immediately pull the FFL license.

More info on the 5 sins here:
You are correct sir, it was not an agent i met but an IOI. My investigator told me the exact same thing about being at the whim of the current administration too
Hello, I am considering getting the buy/sell ffl and the one for importing from outside US. I work fulltime and want to slowly transition into my own business starting kind od small but am willing to throw some money at what ever I do. Is there any money in doing this as a business when there is sporting goods stores both local and gun/ammo sales online?
There is good money to be made in used firearms, not so much in new firearms.

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