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I just picked up an OD Glock 17 last night, I went in looking for a 26 but they were sold out. They had a special on the G17 where if you buy it you get 2 extra mags (off-brand) and a holster for free (nothing fancy but still freebies!)

I really like this gun, it may take some time getting use to the size of the grip because I am more used to compact guns :s0112:

But I am now in the "perfection" club :s0155:
Welcome. You can now consider yourself, Glocked and loaded. Do tell: What brought you over to the darkside? Was it because the gun wont rust if you sweat on it? Because you can throw it off a five story building, pick it back up and shoot it? Maybe because it will fire underwater? Or was it the cookies?
I've had my model 20 for almost twenty years. In that time I fired more rounds than I could count out of it. I managed to chip an extractor, should not use wad cutters in a Glock. Took it to a Glock armourer, he updated the internals and put in a new part. Thats it for well over 100,000 rounds.
I'm sure yours will do even better.
I used to think Glocks were butt ugly. I never wanted to purchase something so expensive and so ugly regardless of what kind of record they had. So I have been going though guns, had about 5 different 9mm in the past few years and just never seemed to like what I had bought. I have had shot glocks before but again I just thought they were so ugly.. Until I seen the OD version, then I fell in love. I am an OD nut and I had never seen that color before. Once I seen it I knew I was sold on being a Glock owner.

The down side is that my wife says my new gun is not OD.. She calls the color BSB.. Standing for Baby S**t Brown :(
Oh noes! You drank the cult kool-aid! Glocks are good guns, I've owned 2, and never had any problems that weren't my own fault. Would like to get a G30 one of these days.

G17... common ammo, tough gun, extra capacity options, and tons of sight sets for them. Good choice.
Good choice. I've got a G19 that I've had for the past 17 years & recently picked up another G19 for my wife (or, at least, that was my supposed justification for the purchase...)
I believe you'll find that the 17 isn't much more to carry than a 19 or 26. They don't weigh that much more. My SOL is a LEO and he carries a 22 24/7 with no problem. He also has the advantage of a longer grip and sight radius and more rounds.

I think you did well.
thats the combo i have.. works perfect. i pack the 17 pretty much always, but have the 26 for "non permissive" environments and other necessary deep cover situations. a LOT of people actually prefer shooting their 26s over 19s and even 17s, oddly enough.. i, for one, do not shoot the 26 "better," nor do i prefer shooting the 26, but i still shoot it far better than i ever did any of my 45s. love 'em both.
Good choice. I've got a G19 that I've had for the past 17 years & recently picked up another G19 for my wife (or, at least, that was my supposed justification for the purchase...)

That's funny i did the same thing. When her mom came to visit she told her, "When Steve gets home I'll show you my new G-19." Her mom asked why i had it and she said "Its his carry gun."

I never had figured to own a plastic gun, but when a retireddep sherrif freind said she had a G17 she didn't like I had to ask why? She said she had bought it used and it jammed on her and almost kepy her from qualifying, then she bought aP-89 and likes that one. SoI noticed how skinny her wrists were And offered her $200.00 for it. She saidshe couldn"t do that and would take $100.00 and I could have my money back if I didn't like it. I said thanks! I took it out and it jammed about every3rd shot. I took it home and cleaned the old peanut butter like dirty oil crud and it performs flaulessly. It now has a pretty light on it and sleeps by my head.
I just ordered a Glock Factory extended mag release and slide release. I was struggling with both as my hands are smaller, and have read good reviews about both parts, plus they are factory parts so I figure I am not modifying "perfection" :D

But when I was shopping around I seen that Glock also makes a 3.5# trigger connector. I was debating getting this, but I was not sure as this gun is currently my range gun and nightstand gun. For a range gun it would be great, but I dont know about a lighter trigger for a SD gun.. :huh:
If your gonna conceal carry or have it around the house and your life depends on it, DO NOT USE AFTER MARKET MAGS.......... always stick to factory unless they are proven to be good after market. I got some of them crappy "millspec" Korean VICTORY 31 rnd mags for my glock 27 and the mags suck you know what. I hear that there are good after market mags for like 1911s but I don't know of any good mags that are after market for glocks. I learned things the wrong way so I stick to factory if at all possible. I bought a promag for my sig sauer once, that also sucked you know what..... so I bent over and paid 36 bucks for factory sig mags lol

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