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    Each Friday, I have the pleasure of sitting down and visiting with someone that has become a very good friend. We just sit down and start talking about anything and everything over a cup of coffee. This gentleman is 93 years old and sharp as a tack.

    His life's experiences are fascinating to me: Growing up in rural Wisconsin, attending Princeton University, joining the Navy in December 1941, attending officer school, going to the Pidgeon-Thomas Iron Works facility in Memphis to be assigned and actually help build his Landing Tank Craft (LTC-617), piloting said vessel down the Mississippi, crossing the Atlantic, being shot at by U-Boats, shaking General Eisenhower's hand in England the morning before invading a beach in Normandy, remaining in the Navy after the war to help pay for his education, obtaining his P.H.D., watching the Brooklyn Dodgers on a regular basis, meeting his first (of many) wife in New York City, becoming an Economics Professor and living through many, many good and hard times alike.

    I learn a great deal from this man. We have been visiting just about every Friday for a little over a year now. Can't wait for tomorrow. His health is fading recently, I'm going to miss him more than I can imagine when his time comes.

    Thanks for listening.
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    Amazing good luck in your finding a friend like this!!
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    Yes you are
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    I had a friend with similar qualities. A true gentleman and a natural story teller. He joined the Marines at the outbreak of the Korean war at the age of seventeen. Since I had served in Korea we hit it off right away and although we spent a lot of time on the war, the world was our discussion oyster. I'll never forget when he pulled his polo off and showed me a horrible burn scar! He just said, "You know which side had napalm in Korea don't you?" I just said, "Yes Sir, I do." Miss him, and gently envy Rufus!
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    I definitely miss my uncle and father who were both WW2 vets
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