I-594 Supporter endorses school shootings - Too Soon? Nick Hanauer Posts Sarcastically...

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    Too Soon? Nick Hanauer Posts Sarcastically, ‘We Need More School Shootings!!!’


    By Isolde Raftery

    Within hours of the school shooting in Marysville that left two students dead – including the shooter – Seattle venture capitalist Nick Hanauer posted a link to a story about the shooting with this caption: “We need more school shootings!!! Vote yes on Initiative 591.”

    Nick Hanauer posted this link to a Seattle Times story about the Marysville high school shooting within hours of the incident. Hanauer, whose post was sarcastic, supports a separate initiative that would expand background checks.
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    It was a sarcastic reference to the gun control measure on the ballot that would stop expanded background checks. Hanauer opposes this measure. He is a top funder for a separate measure that would require background checks for all gun sales and transfers in Washington state, including those from unlicensed sellers.

    Some people from the campaign asked Hanauer in the comments below the post to take it down. The post was still up at 3:30 p.m. on Friday, two hours after he posted it.

    Wrote one person: “Perhaps sarcasm isn't the best communications strategy right now, Nick?”

    And another: “Battle between the heart and the mind. Perhaps the heart should consider removing this at this time.”

    Hanauer is a venture capitalist from a Democratic family. He is one of the top funders for the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, which supports I-594.

    Meantime, Pedro Celis, the Republican candidate running for the first Congressional District sent out a statement calling the shooting a “horrendous tragedy.”

    But, Celis added, “Let us not move to politicize this tragedy with knee-jerk reactions. Let us focus on healing – physically for the victims, mentally for those in the school, emotionally for all those involved, and spiritually for this nation.”

    His opponent, incumbent Suzan DelBene didn't tread into political waters: "No one should have to go through the horrific violence that occurred today, especially our children. As the Marysville-Pilchuck High School community comes together during this very difficult and terrible time, our region grieves with them and stands united in our support to help in any way."

    Next week, families of the children killed at Sandy Hook elementary in Connecticut will travel to Washington to campaign to support I-594.
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    MDA and supporters did tell us of a coming end of October Surprise.
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    So much wasted time and money that won't do ONE SINGLE THING to stop this sort of thing.
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    God these people make me sick. Between him posting that and MDA rushing to update the graphics and statistics on their website an hour after this happened, it just shows you what kind of people they are. It's one thing if the media asks you for a statement and you provide something expressing condolences but it is a whole different story when you use something like this right after it happened to push your agenda. Can you imagine if the NRA, an hour after this happened, said 'This tragedy wouldn't have happened if teachers were allowed to concealed carry a weapon"?
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    The NRA has abandoned WA gun owners. If I weren't Life member I would not renew.
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    I remember hearing Nick Hanauer discussing I594 on the radio around the time there was a public hearing for I594/I591 in Olympia and he stated that if I594 was on the ballots in November he expected I594 to be win. His reasoning was the demographics of WA state have changed. So I hope all conservatives & libertarians vote against this terrible bill. Nick Hanauer is also the guy who is pushing for the $15.00 minimum wage in Seattle. A good way to destroy small businesses in Seattle.
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