Hurricane Sandy - 2+ weeks, 434K homes without power, 100K without power for months

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by ATCclears, Nov 12, 2012.

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    Using the prison kind of reminds me of the current season of The Walking Dead.

    But, yeah, if we have a bad earthquake around here, your life is going to be disrupted for a long time.
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    This is why when I talk about gnerators I always talk about fuel consumption and hiding the generator and finding a way to build a hush house for it, I wander how many people had a huge geenrator and only 50 gallons of fuel and fuel consumption rate of 5 gallons every 8 or 10 hrs, doesn't last long at that rate, I would say most did not have more 20 or 25 gallons of fuel and were out by day three.

    And I wander how many who still had a generator 4 or 5 days running or even today have had the neighbors who were rude, mean or even friendly to them say you have to share, you have to share. Not I did not take onthat cruise with while I was pissing away my money but since you had the smart to plan ahead you have to share.

    Yeah I know solar, wind or asmall hydro power if youl ive next to constant flowly creek or stream is not alway s available, but should be considered.

    So should wood or other mean of heating ones home.

    Sorry, just my daily rant
  4. Cortes

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    If I had a generator I would share power with my closest neighbors. Been making plans to put one in. Told my neighbor who's house it would be close to and who would have to listen to it test fire, that he could extension cord to it if the power went out.

    About the only thing I would really need power for would be the refrigerator and the fan for the gas furnace.

    Figure it would be good to have a neighbor or three on my side and watching out for my genny if it were needed.
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    If we are lucky enough to be able to stay in our houses! My house is built wierd (on a slope) so front looks like one story back looks like 2 story i think it would take much to do some serious structural damage plus half is concrete so maybe for the better or worse I just worried it may crack in an earthquake and crumble my house. Also keep prepping we had a small earthquake 6 am (11/19/2012) hope its not a "warning quake" to a larger one....

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