hunting guides, deer, oregon? help?

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by Z-PDX, Mar 17, 2012.

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    So, here's the story. Haven't been in the field for years. Life got in the way.

    Have a few days free in the fall. Got a buddy in the same scenario.

    Just not enough time to do it right and scout all over.

    Thinking about doing a guided hunt. But not even sure what questions to ask, where to go or how it all works.

    We have typically hunted East side, but flexible anywhere. Not looking for luxury at all. The desire is hard hunting.

    Can someone please point me in the right direction? PMs are welcome.

    Thanks all.

    - Z
  2. smearnoff5100

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    Apply for a Paulina unit tag. No need for a guide. Road hunt off your quad all weekend. You can meet other people from the portland metro area. It's a blast :)
  3. daiello91

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    Plenty of good options out there. I sent you a PM about guide info. If you don't go with a guide and DIY just make sure to get out there at least twice before the season starts and scout your area....scouting is the biggest key to success.
  4. sheepdip

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    google oregon hunting guides and see where that takes you. if I were considering a guided hunt I would look at going out of state.
  5. hermannr

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    I don't know about guides, but several years ago my wife, our youngest daughter, and myself were driving somethere between Rutledge and Wilkox, (we had been in the area looking for an old homested that had belonged to a relative) anyway, we were driving down the road and out of this draw pops this doe..nice size..oh yes, and this was in July...Anyway, I slowed down just in case there were some young ones following,,,and out pops a nice 4 point buck, then a second 4 point, bigger than the first (all in velvet still), then a third buck,,,one of the biggest bucks (and definately one of the largest racks) I have ever seen. Our youngest took a picture, after tell me "dad, don't have a heart attack"

    Anyway, If you can find someone to guide you in that area..Oh lordy..there are some big genes in that pool...sorry the picture is too big, but is here:

    Sorry it is not close, daughter was slow...Big buck is in the middle of the picture looking at us, the other two are to the right, one after the other and the doe is farther up the picture and to the right...Remember...the two little guys had racks just about anyone would have a whole head mount done on....

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