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hunting after big game season is over?

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by aj82, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. aj82

    aj82 graham Member

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    this might be an ignorant question but hey can't learn without asking dumb questions right? so once big game season is over what is there to hunt specifically for the purposes of acquiring meat? i'm in western washington btw. thanx
  2. nwwoodsman

    nwwoodsman Vernonia Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter 2015 Volunteer

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    Guess it kind of depends when your big game season ends. There's always birds, squirrels, bear, oppossum, rabbit, racoon, cougar. If you're like me and more concerned about being out in the woods than gutting something,well, I spend a fair amount of time chasing grouse, mushrooms, and fish to fill that heart wrenching void between deer and elk seasons. Sometimes I just grab a rifle or pistol, doesn't really matter what caliber, tell the wife I'm heading out and she thinks I'm going out to the woods on a mission. But I really just enjoy wandering about spooking wildlife. Trust me when I say you'll see 10 times as much wild life, with racks 10 times bigger, when it's not hunting season.
  3. Mutt

    Mutt Washington, Kitsap County Member

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    I live in WA and I know there is Rabbit, birds, opposum (if you can stomach it). But I deffinitely wouldn't eat the coyote or racoon around here. They gots too many diseases.

    I too hate that void after big game season is over. That's why I'm getting started in coyote hunting ..... to fill the gap with something to hunt. I figure I might be able to trade the hides for stuff I like to do like rawhide for making drums, antlers for knives, etc.