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Hunters shoot down "SHARK"

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Chee-to, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. Chee-to

    Chee-to Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Hunters shoot down Mikrokopter used by animal rights group to film pigeon shoot

    Hunters shoot down Mikrokopter used by animal rights group to film pigeon shoot - DIY Drones

    A remote-controlled aircraft owned by an animal rights group was reportedly shot down near Broxton Bridge Plantation Sunday.

    Steve Hindi, president of SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness), said his group was preparing to launch its Mikrokopter drone to video what he called a live pigeon shoot on Sunday when law enforcement officers and an attorney claiming to represent the privately-owned plantation near Ehrhardt tried to stop the aircraft from flying.

    "It didn't work; what SHARK was doing was perfectly legal," Hindi said in a news release. "Once they knew nothing was going to stop us, the shooting stopped and the cars lined up to leave."

    He said the animal rights group decided to send the drone up anyway.

    "Seconds after it hit the air, numerous shots rang out," Hindi said in the release. "As an act of revenge for us shutting down the pigeon slaughter, they had shot down our copter."

    He claimed the shooters were "in tree cover" and "fled the scene on small motorized vehicles."

    "It is important to note how dangerous this was, as they were shooting toward and into a well-travelled highway," Hindi stated in the release. He said someone from SHARK called the Colleton County Sheriff's Department, which took a report of the incident.

    The Colleton County Sheriff's Department filed a malicious damage to property incident report.

    The incident report went on to state that "once shot, the helicopter lost lift and crash landed on the roadway of U.S. 601."According to the report, Hindi told the responding deputy the group's remote-controlled aircraft "was hovering over U.S. 601 when he heard a shot come from the wood line. The shot sounded to him that it was of small caliber."

    The deputy noted in the report that he was unable to speak to anyone at Broxton Bridge Plantation following the incident.

    Hindi estimated damage to the drone at around $200 to $300.

    Hindi said he will seek charges against those who shot down the drone.

    "This was SHARK's first encounter with the Broxton Bridge Plantation, but it will certainly not be the last," Hindi said in the release. "We are already making plans for a considerably upscaled action in 2013."
  2. Dunerunner

    Dunerunner You'll Never Know Well-Known Member

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    Morons with a toy helicopter, what will they come up with next....maybe a remote controlled Badger!! :D
  3. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy between springfield and shelbyville Well-Known Member

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  4. Cougfan2

    Cougfan2 Hillsboro, OR Well-Known Member

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    I just read that on Sipsey Street Irregulars. Awesome! Simply Awesome!
  5. ericb

    ericb Klamath Falls, OR Active Member

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    If you're dumb enough to fly your toy helicopter over dudes with shotguns with the sole purpose of ruining their day, don't be surprised when they blow it out of the air.
  6. EMP9596

    EMP9596 Two Trees West of Camas, WA. Active Member

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    SHARK... Sounds like some people need to get a life??

    "All god's creatures belong on a plate right next to the mashed potatoes." (<:}-
  7. Burt Gummer

    Burt Gummer Portland Completely Out of Ammo

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    I thought real pigeon shooting was made illegal back in the 1920s. Can't these guys afford a clay pigeon thrower? That said, hilarious. Their property? I think shooting down some geek's helicopter/wannabe drone would be 100x more fun than any piqeon. Too bad one of them didn't run it over with an ATV also.
  8. Wood Worker

    Wood Worker Linn County Oregon Active Member

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    I've got a great solution.
    One of the bird hunters should train a border collie to run up as their copter takes off, catch it mid air, and play keep away with it for the rest of the day.
  9. Nutty4Guns

    Nutty4Guns Portland ADHD Superstar

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    Stupid Hippies And Radical Killjoys!
  10. ericb

    ericb Klamath Falls, OR Active Member

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    My favorite pigeon-kill: [video]http://youtu.be/CbDgsx6eN3c[/video]