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Hunter shoots friend believing he was shooting a deer...

Warning: Do NOT take this toaster into the bath tub or shower.
Reminds me of when I got my first pager about 25 years ago...The warning label said: "Don't eat battery door"...WTH?
My uncle was killed by his son on a hunting trip. I never EVER asked about it, for as much as I wanted to know.
My cousin was never right in the mind, to this day, and I'm sure for the rest of his life. My aunt, seems to be doing OK. There again, I have never brought up the subject. To my knowledge, the subject was never a topic at any of the family gatherings, post circumstances.

No one knows the true story of how the day my uncle lost his life, played out while on a hunting trip with his son.
People can speculate all they like.

Unfortunate things happen in life as we know it.


I don’t care how you dress me up, I’ll never look like a deer!

So, what do you say after you’ve shot your friend on accident? That’s gotta be a neat conversation.
Tag, you're it!

So weird, this similar thing happened in Michigan this week. Two brothers deer hunting. They were stalking a deer when one brother mis-identified the other as a deer and shot him.

I just cannot comprehend the level of stupidity, carelessness, and negligence involved but to have it happen so often is unthinkable. HTF do you see an object, knowing it could be something other than a deer, and open fire??? Your own hunting partner or brother is in the field with you and you simply fire at a "maybe" target thru the thicket?!?!?! It's beyond me...

I would like to assume, maybe naively, that a ETHICAL hunter can properly identify WTF he is shooting (is this something that I have a tag for, i.e. is it a buck or a doe? Is it even a deer or something else? etc.). Also, a clean shot. Not a leg shot. Not a rump shot. But a clean lung/heart or head shot to put the deer down immediately to ease suffering, reduce tracking, and salvage maximum meat. And most importantly, is this my hunting partner who I KNOW is in the field with me? Is this a different hunter?

I cannot fathom the stupid criminally negligent recklessness of just seeing some shape, and firing. That demonstrates none of the above hunting ethics, not even considering the criminal negligence of shooting another person who you know is in the field. It's unbelievable yet so common.

Finally, why aren't these morons wearing hunter orange vests and hats? I thought that was mandatory! Good grief these idiots give hunters and gun owners a bad name.
The tag inside your clothes says "do not wear while ironing". That should tell how common "common" sense really is.


People who shoot blindly into brush in hopes of hitting a deer should not be allowed to hunt.

A hunter should know the difference between a man and a deer, regardless of what color the man is wearing.



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