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    I have a nice Hoyt Raider Intruder bow that I simply don't use. I bought it used about a year ago with the intention to start bow hunting, but don't think that I am going to be doing that this year. The bow is in good shape and shoots really well. I am not an expert in bow hunting and I don't know a lot about bows. To the best of my knowledge this bow is adjustable from 60-75 lbs draw and has an adjustable draw length form 23 to 32 inches. I am 6'4 and have it adjusted to where it is pretty comfortable for me. The only thing wrong with it is a chip in the finish by the left hand grip. It includes everything pictured plus a couple things not pictured. I bought a new release for it as well. Asking

    Asking $300 Or trade for an inexpensive (not cheap).38 or .357 preferably snub nosed, samson k rail for the ak, la rue quad rail, amd 65 kit, lots of other trades as well, just shoot me a pm with a trade offer.

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