HowTo: Reform 221 Brass to 300 Blackout for Reloading

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    Within the pass couple of years since the ratification of the 300 Blackout by SAAMI in 2011 it has continued to gain and enormous amount of popularity. Initially I did not see all the rage behind the new cartridge until firing 220gr subsonic rounds down range through Darrell's Micro 7 with Yankee Hill Suppressor, the thump on the back stop down range was louder than the initial firing of the weapon.
    But I digress and need to stay on track, though stay tuned for the range review of the Remington Micro 7.

    Right away I started collecting everything needed to start reloading for this cartridge, yes that is correct I actually had my reloading gear before actually having a firearm chambered in 300 Blackout, the firearm piece could be figured out later (Hi I am Mr. Revolverguy and yes I am a reload aholic and may need an intervention). I was not totally new to this cartridge I knew it was introduced by AAC and was based on the 300 Whisper. AAC created this cartridge with a few things in mind, create a reliable 30 caliber solution while utilizing the existing M4 carbine platform with only the need to change the barrel. This idea would create a number of advantages over the 5.56 and 223 Remington, greater barrier penetration, create ballistics very similar to that of the 7.62x39mm round fired by the AK47, along with easily being suppressed creates a deadly combo.

    When it came to collecting brass for the 300blk I quickly figured out there was a number of ways to do so. You could make your own brass out of 223 brass by cutting the length of it down and necking it out to 30 caliber. You could also neck out 221 brass which is a lot quicker than the previous routine of cutting and sizing or you could just simply purchase brass as there are many manufacturers making factory brass as well as reforming old 223 brass. Darrell and I decided to utilize the last two methods for collecting our brass. Darrell purchased brass from West Desert Tactical and it turned out to be great brass reformed from 223 brass.
    Continue reading the how to --- hope it helps someone
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    If I was hucking heavy hunks a lead at subsonic/pistol velocities, I'd certainly go cast lead, especially for paper/practice. I already do it with 190gr spitzers
    between 1100-2700fps out of a 30-06.
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    if you're doing out of a bolt action/single shot, you can use whatever projectiles you want for subsonic. you could do subsonic plinkers with cheap 110gr m1 carbine bullets if you wanted.
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    So who is Darrell?

    I think the allure to forming 300 blk brass from 223 brass is that it can be picked up for free or close to it.

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