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How's firearms availability from your perspective?

  • Still like the panic in that I can't find what I'm looking for.

    Votes: 6 14.3%
  • Better, but still spotty.

    Votes: 9 21.4%
  • Not bad, but some items still hard to find.

    Votes: 12 28.6%
  • Essentially no problems at all. I can find most things I'm looking for.

    Votes: 6 14.3%
  • Haven't really looked, don't care, or other.

    Votes: 9 21.4%
  • Um, eh (burp) wut wuz duh ques'n eh-gen? (shart)

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
There has been, naturally, a panic buying spree on-going since at least early 2020. Just curious how others are perceiving firearms availability now. Better, worse, back to good times, or still in the desert? The topic of this thread is actual firearms, not parts, ammo, etc. which have another dynamic.

(Other than a few projects last year, some passing interest in off-beat stuff, etc., I haven't really been looking too deeply. Candidly, I largely don't care at this point, but it appears things are heading back in the right direction. But that is largely anecdotal, so curious about others perspective.)

Thanks for sharing! :)
Other than anything Barrett branded, I've had no difficulty at all. I've been able to find lowers, uppers, complete rifles, Glocks, shotguns... Helps when your favorite FFL is willing to go to bat, too.


I marked other.

I have had some decent scores this year.
But a couple, specific rifles have more or less doubled in price. Right now, I'd say that an arsenal ak is off the menu for me. If I can find a Smith with the time and skill set, I will simply put that same money into 3 or more rifles I already own.
If the pattern persists into 2022/23 , I'll repeat my upgrades on another 3 or 4 rifles. Money isn't the hang up , it's getting the work done.
I too have noticed prices being up; both for the little I am looking for the private collection and all the distributor crap I receive at the FFL side biz. Though not all that surprising considering how little the dollar buys any more.
In S.E. Michigan, places that have and kept decent prices have little stock of guns or ammo/reloading components.
If you find a place with plenty of guns, the prices are Quite high to ridiculous (pawn shop ffl's).

Things I’ve been looking at seem to be out of stock everywhere. Then when they come in stock briefly, I’m often disgusted by the cost and pass, then they go back out of stock. Sportsmans had a CZ bolt action 22 on the shelf for 500ish, but the employees there were all sitting around with their thumbs up their arses so I just walked away.


I think some specific firearms tend to still be harder to find (Locally) for a while production was lacking but now that things have settled down a bit I am see a lot of availability in gun friendly states like Texas and most southern states. They seem to have an abundance of products at reasonable prices while it is inconvenient to wait you can get what you want just have to do a little more work for it. On the flip side of that during the pandemic a good bit of stuff was still accessible but the prices were a bit ridiculous; At the end of the day if there is something you really want you will find a way to make it happen. otherwise just wait it out and get it at a lower price what’s that old saying good things come to those that wait


Finding them is one thing, finding them at a reasonable price is more challenging. But patience yields rewards. A few months back I got my wife a G43X at a very fair price....just took some time and research.

Old Dog

I'm still finding the odd firearms here and there that scratch an itch. I mostly buy used guns these days, filling in the blanks in my collection, replacing guns I should never have sold or traded away, completing my niche collections (old S&W and Colt revolvers, older lever action rifles, etc.).

Have way more than I (and the family) will ever need in the way of modern rifles and pistols, so at a standstill there. That said, if I were looking for new semi-auto pistols, I'd not be happy (although there seems no shortage of Canik, SCCY, Taurus, etc.) as it seems more of a challenge to locate decent 1911s or SIGs.

Still, some prices on used pieces (especially pre-lock, pre-MIM Smith revolvers) have gotten stupid crazy, even worse that they used to be at the good WAC shows back in the day.
The "modern" firearms* that I really enjoy have been seen less and less over the years , for sale here on the forum or at shows and shops.
* 1940's - 1980's era sporting rifles , shotguns and handguns.
As for my first love..traditional / antique muzzle loaders...well , they have always been a catch as you can kinda thing.

Ammo , has been making a comeback...still have sticker shock with the prices...but what can ya do...?
I could get into re-loading...but that would require a whole new outlay of time and money for something that doesn't really interest me....
And re-loading .22LR , while it can be done...doesn't seem worth my time for the results.
Hello CG,

I have not been looking for myself. I do not WANT any item firearm wise. Gasp! Grin.

(I do not need anything. LOL You know that WANT versus NEED idea. Grin.)

I am far more into my quality axes, 'hawks and a few knives at this stage of my life.

Do I still shoot and keep up my skills with a couple of rifles? YES. But I shoot far less. Far less!

I shoot the CZ 457 Lux rifles in 22wmr and 22lr. NO scopes, I PREFER iron sights since I first got into shooting, and I STILL shoot standing up aka off hand - unsupported. I have tried other shooting positions but I prefer my favorite way of shooting @ 71 years old.

Meanwhile, my husband still shoots often and on a regular basis with his CF and RF firearms. Mainly rifles. A couple of handguns in 22lr and in 45acp.

ZERO shotguns now and for the last SEVERAL years!

Plus he has been hunting with a special permit too.

Timeframe 2021 when it comes to FIREARMS ONLY?

My sweet MT FFL man who is on this forum did find my husband's anniversary gift - firearm. He found it from his distributor and HE called us.

We had asked him previously about a matching - duplicate handgun for my husband.

Anyway, our FFL man who is a FRIEND saw the NIB handgun that was AVAILABLE and my husband said that he wanted it with NO hesitation when we received the call.

Meanwhile, my husband sold a firearm to him too.

Thank you B!

My husband took my old friend out to a few gun shops when he was here from out of state. They made note of all of the shortages that continue in ALL products. We discussed this but I did not take notes. Same old - same old story.

Take care.

Old Lady Cate
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