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    Hey everyone,

    I've posted a few times in other forums but I thought I'd make it official.

    I'm from Lincoln City originally. Went to school in the valley and married my wife here. Been married for 11 years and have two great little boys. I am a retail supervisor, so I hate my job :bluelaugh:. I work P/T for the Beaverton School Dist. as a night custodian while my wife stays at home and homeschools our oldest and deals with the little one's speech disability and doctor appointments.

    A few years ago I decided I wanted to get into law enforcement and after trying several times, and actually making it through final background with Gresham, I stopped as it was obvious I needed something that would set me apart from other applicants, and not just my degree. So now the wife and I are working on paying off some bills and if we can get things low enough, I might drop to 4 days/week and try and become a reserve with a local LE agency.

    I grew up as the son of an outdoor enthusiast (that's putting it mildly). When school started I decided that sports were more important to me so shooting/hunting took a backseat. My father is now a taxidermist and, like I said, likes outdoors stuff a bit. He wants to teach me to shoot handguns safely and after hiking with my family (we like hiking, geocaching and camping quite a bit) and coming across fresh cougar tracks, I decided it was time I started saving money for my first handgun.

    And that's where I'm at.

    so... hello :thumbup:
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    welcome to NWF ! well ... lets start off by saying "you posted", and didn't go through the "hoops"........a guy that lives on the edge eh ? we'll let it go this time, and probably the next, but thats it !! LOL !
    lets try and jump through another hoop.....your "LEO" gig....i have a close friend here in prineville who tried to get into "PD"... "NATTA" ! (no background) so what he did was went over to "warm springs" res., and hired in 50/50 payed & volunteer . they intern, sent him to training schools, and the like "all expenses paid" took him about a yr.& 1/2 to complete . then hired in fulltime with prineville "PD"....i don't know all the facts, but maybe something you could check into .


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