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    Season's greetings to all,

    After looking through the "For Sale" posts for over two years, and often coming close to spending money not earmarked for my gun habit, I've finally gotten around to posting here.

    Guns have always been present in my life. I learned gun safety and hunting from my dad while growing up in the Willamette Valley. We developed a tradition of an annual, week-long, sage rat shoot and have found a true "rat shangri-la" in the process. *Don't ask where. I'm not tellingÂ… unless you offer some hardware as trade.* I fell into a law enforcement career six years ago and have enjoyed it so far. The income helps me peruse my passions, however, I'm purposely waiting to buy a new (read bigger) gun safe since I have more practical matters to attend to.

    Future endeavors include handloading and AR builds so you will probably see me lurking around threads with those topics.

    It's good to see so many good people on this site. A cop can lose perspective working the street and only meeting "regular customers." Look after yourselves out there. Keep both hands on the wheel and your eyes up.

    Back to surfing the WTS posts...
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    Welcome to NWF and thank you for your service to your community!
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    Welcome Aboard:thumbup:

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