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    Figured it was about time to make an account on this site since my buddy kept referring to it...

    Been shooting since I was about 9 or so with my dad's dad's Ruger 10/22 (NO WAI!? A FIRST TIMER USING A 10/22!?).

    Currently own a Mauser 8mm, Glock 22, home brewed AR, old-as-all-get-out Remington 22 bolt (no idea on the model name. It's older than me by a long shot), and recently got myself an H&K P30L for CC.

    Also a huge airsofter and gearwhore.

    Looking forward to becoming a member of this community!
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    Welcome to the forum!

    There are often great deals in the classifieds, just not many this week due to the current events.

    Lots of great conversations and experts in every facet of gun ownership.

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