New here and a new firearm owner, in general getting myself up to speed on NFA Laws because I am doing research on building my own AR.

My backwards-bubblegum state doesn't allow AR Pistols so I am going to have to put a 16" barrel on my Build and do all the Hellfire BS to be able to use it with some degree of reasonability
You live where you live. It is what it is and ain't what it wasn't. Enjoy your build. Check out the resources tab to find stores and places to shoot.
If you know of a place and it isn't already listed, share it with the rest of us by posting it. It will help the others stuck in CA.

Cheers and welcome to the forum!
Welcome Aboard. Glad you found the forum.

This is the best place to hang out on the internet.

I know that you're not in the Oregon/ Washington area but we've found the best way to meet the community and learn where and how to use public lands responsibly is through grass roots involvement.

If there isn't a local group that advocates for responsible stewardship of public lands, check out Trash No Land.

Welcome to the Forum from another (50+ years) ex Pat. :)

I got smart when I came back to the land of round door knobs and found my folks living in a house where the orchard used to be, where I used to park with my girlfriend. That, a 45 min. commute to work and someone getting their panties in a wad when they saw me carrying a gun to my car. :eek:
Hey y'all, thanks for the warm welcome!

applogize for the big lag, been busy AF (Electical Contractor by trade), in my spare time been trying to get a straight answer on the the whole Judge Benitez ruling here in TGSNWTLI.

So I want to poise a somewhat theoretical, and hopefully plausible question, but the only way I can think to ask it is to try and summarize said question with a linear series of statements

in this case the statements are a series of articles and documents...

I apologize ahead of time because this is a lot of reading to ask a relatively simple question, and yes, I herby pre-acknowledge no-one here is a lawyer so I cannot hold any y'all accountable for squat. Just looking for opinions.

Oddly enough most of the 'news' articles' surrounding Judge Benitez's ruling state something to the effect that Judge Benitez's decision was, and I am overtly paraphrasing here " an overturn of the California Assault Weapons ban". A keyword search brings up numerous articles parroting this same sound-bite.

All that being said I'll begin with THIS (from what I am reading this ruling pertains only to the CA 'Magazine Ban' not really a general ban "assault weapons" in particular?)

from this article I exracted this statement:
"On March 29, 2017, Judge Benitez issued an injunction preventing the enforcement of the ban. In the week that followed, hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of magazines were sold to California residents who had been deprived of their Second Amendment rights."

  1. if this statement is correct there was, for a weeks worth of time, a period that people could legally purchase magazines with a capacity over 10 🙄
  2. I would further this thought by asking, if they were purchased legally would they not, in some odd retroactive fashion, be "grandfathered"?

Assuming this might be a reasonable question the next next article would be THIS

assuming this lawyers assessment is correct, and if Judge Benitez ruling does pertain to a sweeping overturn of the California Assault Weapons ban, (as opposed to just on the CA Magazine Ban) and if he does indeed uphold his original ruling, would there not also be some finite window of time that one could legally apply for permission from the California Department of Justice for a Dangerous Weapons License/Permit to be able to own an SBR in TGSNWTLI?

  1. If you did manage to slide it in (pun intended), within said window, would it be automatically time-date stamped to the date of said application?
  2. If not is there any way to thwart / prevent the CADOJ from dragging their feet until they can manage to appeal the decision into oblivion?
So, finally, here is the actual damn question...

IF one could magically get an application in, through this tiny window, which is less than a months time from right now, then one could just pay for an ATF Tax stamp and have a CA Legal SBR?

I know it's a ridiculously stupid long shot, but man, one can dream (or scheme) no?
Welcome to the forum. I can't answer your questions, but certainly can commiserate with you. Born and raised in Santa Ana/Lake Elsinore but got the fuk outta there about 37 years ago. It's not much different up north of you. I'm sure if 114 passes in Oregon, Inslee is gonna say, "Hold my beer". I hope the courts get things ironed out here sooner rather than later. 99% of gun owners are good people.
..... or, I guess, just a plain 'ol AR Pistol for that matter.
I'm quoting this instead of your longer questions post! ( WELCOME, BTW) with some useful inspiration and more importantly, ANSWERS!

But First, Some advice!
What ever your planning to get, DO IT NOW!
Many Reasons, take your pick, but I wouldn't wait one more second!

Ok, Here we go! St.B of the District Court of Southern Cali. has in fact ruled 3 times now, against all those laws, and it's a forgone conclusion that Cali will LOOSE biggly, their just drawing out the pain as long as they can, the nutty 9th will be forced to rule one way or t'other, and they don't like it one bit, but it cannot be stopped!
With the recent ruling on New Yawk Rifle and Pistol Association, V Bruen, the Nutty 9th is completely and totally phucked, they cannot cheat and use their preferred system of supporting the states infringements, NOW they are forced to follow what SCOTUS has defined, so your about to get a whole bunch of your freedoms back, likely before summer, or there abouts!

As to the whole SBR thingy, get the parts NOW, and build the long barreled version to suite current law, while stashing the parts for the SBR for when the AFT gets it's Pee Pee slammed into the door of oblivion, HARD and Repeatedly! SCOTUS is going to be forced to deal with NFA-34 as well as GCA-68 and -86, so, given a little time, ( Many expect it this coming session) I expect to see the ATF loosing it's Firearms dept. and all that freedom what was stolen, Returned!
Don't hold your breath! As far as a Cali Compliant SBR, ain't happening until the ATF gets it's arse handed to them, then it's game on!

Here are some really great sources of 2nd freedom info, usually first to know and report, these guys are VERY good and very accurate, Highly recommended!
Here is where it all started, dig in and enjoy!
Can't answer the whole lot of questions, but I can pass on what I've heard and is my understanding of the regs. If you bought mags during "Freedom Week" you can legally possess, but as it now stands not TO USE. Insertion of a high cap mag currently makes it a feloney.

Technically it's all going away but who knows when. Most manufactures won't sell SBR if you don't possess the stamp. I tried to order a SBR finned barrel for my 10/22 Thompsen and they COULDN'T sell me one without the stamp. PAX

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