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    The handle is Scoop, not to be confused with Swoop! Been lurking in the shadows for a little while spying on y'all. Great site from what I've seen so far. Came over from !f!$h.(om. Figured if they couldn't support 2A I shouldn't support them. As a bowhunter who doesn't own any guns;);), I probably shouldn't care. I can tell you already I'm not gonna be a high # poster, but perhaps you fellas could confirm/dispel a few facts/myths for me.

    True or false

    1. A background check is required when purchasing a firearm from an FFL or as a part of private party interstate commerce.

    2. Firearm type, caliber and serial # are included in the background check info that is submitted.

    3. The info is "destroyed" by "authorities" within 24 hrs of conducting said background search.

    4. The actual paperwork of said transaction must be held indefinitely by FFL holder.

    5. The FFL holder, beholden to ATF rules, may be investigated at any given moment by the ATF with all inventory and documents regarding transactions(including firearm type, caliber and serial#), seized as government property until investigation is complete.

    6. The ATF is required to "destroy" any information obtained from said "investigation" within a short amount of time. (One month or less).

    7. The # of felons attempting to purchase a firearm in Oregon that where prosecuted for being a felon attempting to purchase a firearm since recorded history is zero. (That's a 0 followed by a decimal point and two zeros.)

    Maybe I'm making my first post a tad political, but these are a few of the finer points that I've thought may be sticking points with the true intents of 2A. I truly appreciate y'alls input on this.
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    Welcome! Be sure to tell your ifish buddies they're welcome here too :)

    I'm sure coctailer will answer your questions when he sees this.
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    Hi Scoop, good that names with oo in them win stuff on this site. :laugh:

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