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    Or it could be titled, "How to convince people you're crazy" or, "Boy what a huge waste of time" or maybe, "Hey good idea." :huh:

    A thread awhile back was discussing the way some ammunition looked.

    Got me thinking about some wonder-polish I have for metals, called "Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish". (If you don't have any, you should get some whether you do this or not, because one 5oz. jar lasts for years and it is a great fine polishing compound. It smells good, too.) An important thing about it is that is not runny and will not creep under the case mouth or anywhere you don't want it to go.

    SO what we have here is some military/LEO ammunition from Hornady. Some highly rated ammo but it doesn't have that premium "bling". Here's how to "fix" that.

    I used two clean cotton rags, the jar of Mothers, and some "spare" time. Actually it was a slow day at the office so I did this instead of something productive. :laugh:

    It's important to keep the polishing compound completely away from the primer end and as much away from the cannelure (if there is one) because you don't want to affect the reliability of ignition nor do you want to polish the throat of your rifle with sloppy residue. An old toothbrush can get out any in the cannelure.

    A little dab no bigger than your thumbnail is all you'll need per each round. This is a little large, even:

    I mostly concentrated on the shoulder and upper 2/3 of the case. The jacket polished easily. Each round takes about 2 minutes.

    So here we are about halfway through a 20-round box. You can see what a difference this makes...

    Once you get through a batch, go wash your hands and start in with the unused clean rag. Completely and carefully final-polish and make sure you have all compound out of the cannelure and case rim.

    Two boxes will get you through a two-hour girl-movie featuring a bunch of people standing around and talking about nothing. :bluelaugh:

    I have a two-movie supply
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    I usually ream flash holes and uniform primer pockets or just sort brass.

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