How to Ditch Big Brother and Disappear Forever

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by ATCclears, May 4, 2013.

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    Except for this place - :) - I have 1 and 2 down pretty good. No Facecrook, no need to be a Twittering Twit.
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    So, buy their book; but pay cash!
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    A basic rule of thumb is if someone can find a pic of you on the internet by googling your name you are not doing all you can to shield your identity the best you can. Of course, it is pretty much impossible these days. Searching my name will tell you everything about me and I am on NO social networks. Sucks. (Own a small company, can't be avoided)
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    Today hiding is near impossible. (Unless you have a spare $200-$300k)
    If you have registered fingerprints or retinal scan it will fail to work at some juncture.

    A long time ago I somehow got on "God knows" ... some strange agencies radar.
    (Got lotsa life threatening messages ... late night calls etc ... from some unknown agency.)
    At the time you could loop your personal address to a PO box. (Available in some places but unlawful)
    You could trade stocks in Canada accts. like trading offshore. (Not available)
    You could open bank accts with meeting notes from non 501-C3 Church accts (Still doable btw)
    You could have your children home birthed and not assign an SS# nor file to their names. (Hard but still possible. Always get a Birth Cert. A pia after the fact.)
    You could have all of your utilities in various different company names. (Still available)
    You could have your vehicle insurance in various different company names. (Still available)
    You could have your ODL at a remote location. (Available difficult but unlawful)
    You could obtain a passport with those remote locations as your addy. (Available difficult but unlawful)

    However thorough one gets the lines of perfecting anonymity require wealth and unlawful actions.

    So while making your whereabouts a difficult matter for prying eyes ... is very doable.
    Staying lawful is advisable.

    I had my life threatened, my wifes life threatened and weird calls that demonstrated someone knew what my phone calls were about and my daily life was about.
    So I had a very good reason to do what I did ... but it was a fair amount of work and for the most part just isn't available readily.

    The expense of perfecting a total disappearance has risen from 10's of thousands of dollars to ridiculous sums now. (Plus it is illegal and very risky)

    A combination of the legal methods available plus the **"Fruitfly" theory of anonymity is wise and reasonably easy.
    (** a fruit fly is tiny quiet unobtrusive obscure and rarely detected. They are hard to swat since the movement of a larger mass just blows them out of the way of danger.)


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    While I agree with those who think hiding is nearly impossible a step in the right direction would be to try to live without a mailing address. I know it sounds funny, and reminiscent of the episode of Seinfeld when Kramer wanted "Out of the system" but if you think about it a mailing address is a powerful 'hold' on us.
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    All those homeless people live without a mailing address. Just put some belongings in a shopping cart and head downtown.
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    I just googled my name and as I expected, nada. Just for fun I googled my handle on this site and it came up with the address to my profile. No real surprise there. Oddly though, when I hit images it brought up a bunch of photos of WW2 Nambu pistols, Japanese flags and other old battle gear. And one photo of Bert Gummer! Really odd!
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