How to Become an Importer?

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    What is required to become an Firearms Importer?

    Why I ask is I travel a lot mostly South Asia, Middle East, West Africa and have made some excellent connections around the world... and can get most anything in bulk! Buying the items is not an issue. It is the import rules, requirements, licensing and restrictions that I am getting confused on?

    Do I just do the appropriate form 7 and the tax for being an Importer?

    I have been unable to find any info on rules & reg's.

    Any links & advice would be helpful.
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    There are so many rules and reg. on importing firearms you would have to read several books on the subject.

    There is an FFL type that specifically deals with importing, but it is so difficult to import most don't even bother with it.
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    Have you tried calling the ATF to see if they have a packet???
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    Very True..........

    Importing firearms is extremely difficult. the time to money ratio is very low for beginners, and the regs are difficult to overcome.

    I have an Export job for 1473 HK MP-5s in varying configs to a friendly nation's police department that I am trying to wallow through the red tape on right now.
    4 months, and I have no contract, no PO, no earnest money.

    Importing has its own pitfalls that can destroy all profit potential by simple errors.(on the part of the seller)

    the main one that comes to mind:
    You travel to a allied nation to FTF purchase 6,000 rifles in .22 caliber.
    The seller is very happy with the transaction and with you.
    The seller decides to throw in 20 extra guns as a gift for you as a bonus.

    (needle off the record)

    Everything stops because the import count is wrong.
    Shipment may be denied, you may be cited.

    We are probably the strictest nation on firearms importation.

    I would talk to importers (not firearms importers like Century or R-guns)
    and ask them what to expect. They know firearms import law very well.

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