How tight of group with open sights?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by Cord, Jul 15, 2009.

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    I am reloading 165 gr Speer spitzers in 300 Savage. I started with 40 gr of Reloader 15 and worked by 1/2 gr increments up through 42 gr. before the wind picked up this morning. I will continue working toward 44 gr. next time I can get a calm day in The Dalles. I only shot 3 shot groups, but with open sights, I was unable to detect any appreciable difference in group size. I have only used rifles with scopes for years, and I am wondering if I am actually going to be able to detect an appreciable difference in group size using open sights. What size group should I be trying to get for a deer rifle with iron sights?

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    I have to agree with you about open "v"sights. They have a limit of accuracy, depending on your vision, that might prohibit you from really finding the accurate load for your rifle.
    The only iron sights I can shoot close to scope accuracy is the 'peep' or of late called the 'ghost ring' sights.
    Dad has an old '91 mauser with 29" bbl and it will shoot moa all day long with the redfield peep sight!
    I remember as a kid, with iron sights, we couldn't go if we weren't able to keep all your shots on a 6 to 8in paper plate at 100 yds.
    That helped you take your time.
    For your iron sighted Savage and what; a 200yd+- shot limit, maybe a 3-4moa average would be plenty.
    So, how long are your shots where you hunt?
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    You are, imho, in Eastern Oregon, although a bit on the border. If you're going up "on top" to the open country of wheat and cattle land which is right where you are, you're going to see some long shots at mule deer.

    From where you are, I'd have no interest in heading west into the brush which you'll find before you get to Hood River. I'd be going South and East.

    If you can scrape up the dough to put even a mid-priced scope on that, you'll be glad you did.


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