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How soon will new gun laws Be Activated

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by coyoteman5, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. coyoteman5

    coyoteman5 North south east west Active Member

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    How soon do you think the new gun laws will be Effective; February first or March, June?? Immediately?? What's your Thoughts on it.
  2. mkwerx

    mkwerx Forest Grove, OR Silver Supporter Silver Supporter

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    6 months after passing, like most laws seem to be.
  3. Cheesemaker

    Cheesemaker Tillamook Active Member

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    I'm not gonna hold my breath on it. For the simple fact, what are they gonna do to all the millions of high capacity magazines that is already in circulation? And if they ban "Assault" weapons, what are they gonna do to you? Really, we all still had our high capacity mags when the Brady Bill was in place. And nobody ever got in trouble.

    But if Congress stonewalls this, like everything else Obama tried to push through, we still have to worry about our state trying to push their own ban in.

    DEADTIME Coeur D alene Active Member

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    If you live in a diehard red state comrade Obama probably won't be able to do much. I can see a huge push to create laws that protect gun rights in most deep red states. If the idiot try's an EO to grab them all bets are off and impeachment, civil disobedience will be the rule of the day.

    Don't rest however on living in a red state and feeling safe, people will need to stand up for their rights and fight to be free. I'm not one for conspiracies but I feel like we are being pushed hard and those in power are trying grab power quickly before we the people can react.
  5. mrblond

    mrblond Salem OR Well-Known Member

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    I think, if his Royal Highness signs a XO, they go into effect as soon as the pen comes off the paper.
  6. Swedish K

    Swedish K SW Washington Moderator Staff Member

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    perhaps the house should cut funding for the secret service and see just how long the xo stands.... I know that if I were employed by secret service and the protectee urinated on the constitution that I was sworn to uphold I would certainly not be inclined to risk my life or use my firearm to protect said traitor.
  7. moose

    moose northwet coast Well-Known Member

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    In New York, it was blindingly fast from introduction to the Guv signing it. I think the feds will try something similiar with executive orders and some poison pill amendment to a spending bill that they just 'have to pass'.

    Too bad something out of DC that's useful and beneficial takes decades, if at all. Too bad unwinding this mess will take decades, if at all.