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forbidden knowledge is forbidden

and forbidden fruit is the sweetest....

I didnt care about reading any of this, until I was told I couldnt.
If my government is playing paddycake with my future, I want to know... and I have a right to know.
I question the accuracy of that report because it doesn't quote a source or link to the document in question.

Sure enough, the actual email itself is pretty harmless. You can read it at SIPA Shushing Students over CableGate. Seriously? | The Morningside Post

It's clearly not an official directive from the State Dept, just some career persons misguided idea of helping people.

The Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs has two headline articles about Wikileaks and links to it on their home page, so they aren't exactly trying to 'censor' it.

From SIPA: School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University

Professor Gary Sick Blogs on Wikileaks

"One of the best results of the WikiLeaks release of thousands of State Department cables is that it moves up in time the moment when it is possible to have a reasonably informed discussion of policy making."

James P. Rubin discusses Wikileaks and North Korea.
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