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how rare is the remington nylon 11

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by shayne, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. shayne

    shayne port townsend Active Member

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    i found one of these little guns from the 60s for $400 is this a good deal. should i jump on this little gem or what .let me know your thoughts on them.
  2. PDXoriginal

    PDXoriginal PNW Well-Known Member

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    The Nylon 11 is ultra rare, I'd say a needle in a haystack.

    If you like it, buy it, because you probably won't get another chance. I have a Nylon 66 which is a tube fed semi auto version, unlike the 11 which is a bolt action mag fed. The Nylons have a small following, don't know how collectible the 11 is, so I can't say if it is worth $400 or not.
  3. Just Jim

    Just Jim Well-Known Member

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    "Nylon 66: semi-auto, tube feed through buttstock

    Nylon 77, semi-auto, 10rd plastic mag

    Mohawk 10C: renamed Nylon 77 after about two years of production

    Nylon 76: lever-action "Nylon 66"

    Nylon 10: Bolt action single shot

    Nylon 11: Bolt action, 10rd plastic mag

    Nylon 12: Bolt action, tubular magazine under barrel"
  4. Sling Blade

    Sling Blade Yamhill County Well-Known Member

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    There was one for sale on this site yesterday. Didn't check to see if it sold or not.