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How much for lead?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by Modeler, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Modeler

    Modeler Molalla, Oregon Soccer Fan

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    Hi all,

    I have a line on a whole bunch of lead in one big ingot. Any idea what the per-pound price of one big lead ingot would be worth? If I were to cut it up into smaller chunks and resell it for bullet casters and fishing weight pourers how much could I get per pound?


  2. Nightshade

    Nightshade vancouver,WA Well-Known Member

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    last i heard it was a buck a lbs could be different now. gave my friend 500 lb he said i could have bullets for life..lol I don't shoot lead
  3. Mark W.

    Mark W. Silverton, OR Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Retail in 1lb pure lead ingots its $1.50 lb at Olies gun shop in Salem

    With volume the price would go down. Recently there was a guy here in Salem area selling pure lead in any amount over 20 lbs (he had LOTS AND LOTS of lead) and he was asking $1.00 a lb.
  4. AMProducts

    AMProducts Maple Valley, WA Jerk, Ammo Manufacturer Silver Supporter

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    for scrap, unknown lead you're at the very top of the price spectrum at $1/lb, many will give you .50c/lb for unknown scrap. Just remember, if you're doing this to "make a bunch of money" you still have to break it down into manageable chunks, and all the while you're competing with people who have been doing it a while and either buy lead alloys, or scrap out wheel weights.

    Back when I was doing a lot of cast bullets, I was buying washed reclaimed shot for $.75/lb. Nice thing was, didn't have to melt it down, break it up, just had to go over and scoop up a bucket full.
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  5. jonn5335

    jonn5335 Longview Active Member

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    I won't pay over $0.50 lb I see it all the time for $1 but wait a week and you will find it for $0.50 or less. I bought 110 pounds of pure lead last week for $30 that ended up being 150+ pounds when I weighed it at home it is pure lead which matters little to me as I have a yard sale find of tin solder that I'm still working on
  6. daddyseal

    daddyseal Texas New Member

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    I get my lead for free from a local shooting ranges berm behind the targets before they open (with permission, of course, from the owner).
    But then I need to smelt it to remove the copper jackets, then mold ingots.