1st, I try to be situationally aware and vigilant. Thus I avoid (stop and robs). 2nd, I don’t frequent areas where I see graffiti in red and blue colors. A quick education in local gang grafitti for Bloods, Crips, Surenos, and Nortenos, can be valuable to help you avoid high crime neighborhoods.
I carry an Airweight .357 in my pocket. Not so much to protect me in this senario, but to allow me an opportunity to get to my truck where I have a folding stock, 300 BO with 3 extra mags.
in answer to your comment. It depends on your neighborhood, your lifestyle, and the locations you frequent. It will be different, say if you live in East Portland, or you live in Sodaville.
in response to those who will berate my choice or lack of choice in a holster. I have spent decades experimenting with numerous carry options and this works when I’m wearing shorts and a T shirt, or in colder weather with jeans and a jacket. I thoroughly love the comfort of walking around town, putting my hand in my pocket and knowing I’m a split second from deploying way weapon, without anyone being wiser.
Before all ya all lose your mind, stop it. I’ve trained in NRA pistol, rifle, and shotgun instructor courses, I’ve trained with Clint Smith with carbines and I’ve met Colonel Jeff Cooper while attending Gun Site for their pistol, rifle, and shotgun courses. I’ve taken military SWAT courses, and tactical instructor courses, I’ve worked as a police firearms instructor for 24 years and I’ve worked at the police academy. What self defense options and the safety precautions I take, have been thouroughly considered. My first consideration, is survival, my second, if possible, is to use my little gun to get to my big gun. I have tried to compensate for having fewer rounds in my carry pistol, by being quick and accurate. My theory is that if you run into six bad guys and you can shoot five of them in the face, the sixth will probably be seeking cover, as am I.
Good luck to you pistoleros in training, I love you all, you are never truly alone. We are legions and unlike many of these gangbangers. we will still run, or even limp towards the sound of gunfire.
I don't have any plastic frames, but I do have a little single stack 45ACP on its way. I will post a picture if it doesn't get lost in the mail.
Said I would post it if it showed up. (Cross posted to "What Did You Buy" thread).. Funny thing is that it came with 10 magazines...So I may need one of those 10-magazine Filing Cabinets.:confused:

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