How many days before Snowden meets drone strike?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Brutus57, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Brutus57

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    He's pretty much admitted guilt for espionage laws. If he doesn't end up "missing."

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  2. 4Freedom

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    A drone strike would be too high profile, especially with all the drama from the Rand Paul filibuster, that recently happen.. He most likely will be found dead in a hotel room from an apparent suicide, drug-overdose, robbery attempt gone bad, etc.. He will have assassins, government thugs, bounty hunters, mercenaries and all other loathsome types from around the globe hunting him down. Then, with the work of the tempered media, a story will be produced to make it look as if the US government had nothing to do with it, but rather it was just some strange matter of coincidence and "convenience" that he met such an untimely fate.

    I don't blame him for going to Russia or China. Anything that makes America bad, makes the Russians and Chinese happy, even if what happens to make America look bad is the fact the American government themselves are behaving criminally. Snowden is worth much more to the American people alive than dead. His voice is a voice of reason and truth, shedding some light in a dark , convoluted world, immersed with lies and subjected to the propaganda and powers of a corrupt an increasingly impervious bureaucratic entity.

    He is definitely not guilty of espionage. Going to Russia and China doesn't make him a sell-out or a spy. Rather, they will grant him freedom to continue to voice out about the lies, corruption and unconstitutional measures being carried out by the corrupt American government. He is not here to protect the Russian or Chinese people, he is here to protect the American people. If nothing else, Russia and some of these South American countries will protect him to spite the American government, as any press for the American government diverts attention to these countries own violations of its citizens.
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    Won't happen, he will be fine.
  4. speeddemon94

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    My guess is that there will be much cloak and dagger involved. He will likely be hidden by foreign agencies, and when/if found, be disappeared, with not another word spoken of it. Or they will make a huge issue of it, and show that one should not betray the alphabet agencies.
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  6. 8ball

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    The source is a quack website that posts random rants by some anonymous nut who pretends to be a Russian, but can't actually write in Russian. Even the conspiracy sites don't take it seriously.

    I'm fairly sure if drones are firing missiles on cars in downtown LA, you might see one or two videos.

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