How is the NSA Surveillance can lead to Gun Confiscation

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    Knowledge is Power: How the NSA bulk data seizure program is like gun registration

    You may have been following the NSA bulk data seizure program in the news - well not non-main stream news. But this article points out how that very program could lead to gun confiscation.
    The author uses - "registration" but to confiscate you need to know where.

    The other story which is a bit obtuse but I think still on point, NSA or not, our data is in the hands of many.
    OfficeMax puts 'daughter killed in car crash' on letter to grieving dad - NY Daily News

    If private data mining companies are putting together this kind of information, what is to keep your local political class from buying such lists - lists which may reveal what firearms you have?

    I though maybe this post might fit better with the preppers, or off topic, but ...
    Your representatives need to hear from you.
    We are citizens, not subjects.
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