Switch to a church comfort on Sunday. I still can’t figure out why wheels are more comfortable IWB.

When it looked like 114 was going to pass, shelved the shield arms fed g48 with red dot and bought two kimber 1911 45’s. Not cheap but more umpf on the front end. Carry 7+1 in pro carry, 8 round in pocket, 10 round in mag carrier. Along with flashlight, knife and small first aid kit. 1911 points better for me, but can’t beat 15 in a mag with the Glock, so I carried that for some time….

7 months and 4 prototypes later, finally got the trauma kit the way I want it. Slightly larger than the KelTec pouch, but works a lot better. Made from 1000D nylon, has an elastic strap to function as an armband for hands-free use, two big interior pouches, and straps to hold a sharpie, gloves, etc. Now is able to hold a SWAT-T, quikclot, steri-strips, antibiotic ointment, bandaids, alcohol wipes, gloves, and mini sharpie without anythingshaking or rattling around inside. Overall thickness is 1.25" with everything in it, but if I want to slim it down I can just do the SWAT-T, gloves, and sharpie - then it drops to slightly under 1".

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If you put that on the market, I definitely buy it for myself and my wife!
I started out in 1972 with a Buck 120 General, and a Ruger Old Army. Since then I've carried more various stuff than I could now carry all at once. These days it's a recently acquired Glock 19 gen5 and a 4" custom damascus hunter. That's my EDC, which may vary according to mood and situation.
For a time some years ago, an AK was my "EDC" due to a security job at a gold mine ferchrissake.
I went from Glock to Sig…..

Sig X5 Legion w/ Surefire X300
(1) extra 21 round mag
(1) Spiderco Yojimbo
(1) handheld streamlight
(1) CAT Tourniquet

Wallet, phone, keys

Still playing around with the best/most comfortable way to carry a fixed blade.
Would you look at that.

I went back from Sig to Glock in less than 6 months. Haha

Glock G45 or G17 both with Surefire X300
2 extra mags
Spiderco Yojimbo
Amtac Northman fixed blade
Handheld streamlight

I finally found a fixed blade that is comfortable to carry on a daily basis.
In the 80's I carried full size 1911 or S&W 4 inch model 66. Drank the cool aid that said to carry the gun you shot the best and design your clothes around the gun. That idea sounds good but wears off quickly. Then for many years I went to a S&W 5 shot snubbie revolver. Carried in ankle holster, leg holster, boot holster, IWB holster. Much more comfortable, but snubbies aren't the best to shoot at speed and reloading from a speed strip wasn't great either! Today I only pocket carry and Sig P365 is my preference. Sorry to say that comfort became very important to me, but at least I carry!

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