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My family name forbearer got off the boat in May 6th 1636 in Virginia and because of my somewhat uncommon name its childs play to trace the family back because of the naming habits of the English. Ive been able to go back to 1509 in England and in 1502 in France on the side of the woman who married the fellow who came to America in 1636.

How far have you gone back?
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My mother and my wife both do genealogy. The oldest the former traced back was the mid-17th century. The 18th is mixed, but the 19th to the present is generally well documented. I say generally because my paternal line is from a society that experienced serious upheaval, and resulted in a diaspora to other countries in the New World, some of such locations also experienced instability, so the records availability is mixed.

Though I have helped both women with the technology over the decades, I haven't really done my own research. But is a most fascinating of fields. :)
Think my Dads side goes back to the 1670's here in the US. My grandma would always mention that every time the family got together and my mom would have to chim in that her family were here to greet them. :)
my aunt was really into this but what i have personally only goes to their arival to America which was 1660's I htink, she went to Europe to track stuff down but thatw as years ago and i have heard nothing..
of course the Native American part will never know..

sure we are all related to some monkey somewhere.. greetings fellow family members! ;)
The Native American part of the history fades out in the early 1900's. Record keeping was never a Comanche or Apache strong suit.

The European side goes back to the late 14th century in Scotland. Gets sketchy around then. But enough to prove I have hereditary claim to land and title.

But, that title and $3.00 will get me a cup of coffee.

Sir Robert, Knights Commander, Queen of Scots. Has a nice ring to it.
(no. I don't know if thats the title or not)

Most of us have an intresting and widely varied ancestery. From nobility to slave is pretty common.

Old Dog

My dad's traced his family back to the 1700s in England and Germany. Some nobility, some rich folk and some Nazis (he's first gen son of an Englishman who married a German gal).

My mom's family was poor folk in Finland prior to their emigrating to this country in 1940, no records prior. I do have a copy of the record of mom and her folks arriving at Ellis Island. Assuming they herded reindeer back in the day...
I can follow my Dads side to 1815 Ireland and 1900 Quebec (native). As for my mother's side... anecdotal evidence of her father's side having come over from England in the 1880s. As for her mother's side... "they lived in Kentucky before ww1"....

I wasn't happy with how little I knew, so I did a DNA test, I found out I'm about 70% Irish, 25% native American and 5% Dutch.


I've been told that there are graves in a church cemetery in Tongue Scotland with my last name on them dating back into the 1600's.
Is it bad if your family tree looks like a palm tree...? :eek: :D

I haven't done much research into this...
I do know that I have relatives who were in our Revolution and War of Northern Aggression.


My sister has done all the investigating into both sides of our family history-probably in hopes that she (because I could give crap) is related to the royal family in England. I think she has gone back as far as the 1600’s
I do know that I have relatives who were in our Revolution and War of Northern Aggression.
One of the interesting things my mother found on her side was my great-great-great grandfather fought and died in the Battle of Raymond on the side the Confederacy (7th Texas). He left a wife and several children back in Texas, one of whom was my great-great grandmother.


My family can be traced back to 12th Century Venetian Republic. My family still owns the same land in Istria, Croatia (just few acres of olive trees) since 14th Century.


On both sides, we can trace family as far back as the ancient Crimean wars, with the area known today as Savastapol and ancient Odessa as home, most of the family fled after Catherine the greats great betrayal, while some went to the Steeps and on into Prussia, others came to the New World and helped settle Houston, making us Texians! The family lines go as far back as the mid 1300s on both sides as far as we have been able to trace it!
I have never cared to look. My brother did some digging and another cousin did a much more intense search. I know this...both sides of my family are from Germany and I like brats. Beyond that I have never looked very hard.
I've been told by my mother that her side came over in the mid to late 1600s, never checked.

I know for certain my mother is from North Dakota, McHenry, and my father is from Twin Falls.
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