How does one get started in organized competing?

Discussion in 'Competitive Shooting' started by PMB, Mar 15, 2013.

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    Hello neighbors,
    My family has been appreciating the 2nd Amendment and practicing since I was a child, but not on a schedule, and never formally.
    The most organized competitions that we have had involved stopwatches and plastic rulers to measure group sizes.

    Where would be a good place to get started in relatively basic competition?
    We don't want to spend thousands on target pieces, even if the value is there.

    Are there competitions with iron sights and SKS rifles, for instance?

    Regards, Mike
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    I recently got started in uspsa pistol and 3gun comps at Douglas ridge gun club. You dont need much to get started.
    For pistol, there are lots of different classes i would look them up on google to see wher u want to be with what you have.
    Pistol, about 4 mags, mag pouches, Holster in or outside the waist, but remember you will be drawing and reholstering ALOT. As far as rounds you will need about 150 to be on the safe side. Most I have ever used is about 130. Also need range gear like hearing and eye protection. I would also bring drinks, snacks and whatnot lately they have been long comps.
    3 gun you will need a rifle like an ar15 type, I have herd of some people using bolt action but have not seen it yet. Targets at Douglas ridge are from 10 ft out to 250 yards so a scope is very helpful. I would have a few extra mags and about 100rds of ammo. You will also need a shotgun, any will do most guys will use pump shotguns and some have autos. You will need about 30 rds of target ammo and probably about 20 rds of slugs.
    And for pistol same as above just yu won't need so much ammo.
    The guys at Douglas ridge are VERY accommodating to new shooters and are extremely helpful. If you have never shot a comp before they will go over all the range commands and safety rules with before hand.
    The comps are a blast and I haven't missed a Douglas ridge one yet since I stared a few months ago, all the people there are very laid back. Hope to see you at one.
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    This is a great way to get started in basic rifle matches. You do not need to be a member at Tri-County to shoot these matches and they are only $5.00. You do not have to spend a bunch on highpower equipment, perhaps a sling, mat or blanket to lay on and a spotting scope to keep score. Send me a PM if you have questions. The next match is a week from today on the 23rd. It is a lot of fun and the competition is always friendly.


    Vintage Military Rifle and Pistol Match info(basic info on the matches) | Burkes Blog
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    I second that Ted. TCGC Vintage matches are a lot of fun and a great group of guys. I am planning to attend next Saturday. I can help by loaning you equipment
    such as a shooting mat or other gear. I will be heading there from Vancouver. I can show you how to get to the range. ( ie gate codes). You can PM me with your
    phone number if you have any questions.
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    I have two local clubs near me where I compete. My local gun range where I'm a member does a small bore clay shoot every Sunday. It's a fun way to get to know everyone and do some inexpensive shooting. Once a month or so spring thru fall I'll head out to the Bremerton Rifle & Revolver Club and do some fun with steel matches.

    I would start off just going to one or two and watching. Take some notes on what people are using, ask about equipment, etc. I've seen people lend weapons and gear so someone could compete with a different set up than they had.

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    Great information given here. Thanks guys

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