How does it feel?

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by PolishedBrass, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. PolishedBrass

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    How does it feel to know that you represent the last bastion of freedom and liberty on the planet not entirely controlled by the Oligarchs?
    How does it feel to know that your second amendment rights are the only thing in the way of global domination plans of the elite?

    I say this is still the best country in the world with some of the greatest people ... so I feel pretty blessed.

    Thanks to that second amendment I can say what I believe freely.
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  2. Just Jim

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    Actually it feels really crummy. So many of us have spent our time and money to protect our rights only to watch people vote them away. People where told what would happen when you vote the wrong way but here on this site nobody gave a crap. Now you are paying the price to know how votes do matter.

    The constitution only matters when you have good men stand up for it. We are at a crossroad and you will possibly lose your rights but know this, it's your own fault.
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  3. rupey7

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    I would rather be here in the USA on it's worst day than anywhere else on the planet. I agree with the first poster this is still the greatest country on earth. Jim, I understand we are under attack by those who are self serving but I refuse to be bitter and anything less than optimistic. I will be true to my values and vote them every chance I get.
  4. knuckle Head

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    Well IMO I have to agree more or less in part with all of what I have read on this thread, it is still IMO the best country in the world. But as an ex-soldier who gave up a portion of my life it makes me so sick I could barf thinking about it, the way scumbags like feinstein, obama's, clinton's, reid, biden and the likes screwed up our nation and want to crap all over us, take away our rights and are slowly eroding them so that we will turn into full blown slaves to serve their worthless disgusting arses.

    I would rather live here where I am than in other countries but there are parts of our great nation that more screwed up or just as screwed as places in other countries, to mention a few NY, NY. Chicago, L.A., DC these cities and some states are just as screwed up as other countries and in some cases more screwed up.

    Hey I heard the socialist have overrun or are about to over run the state of colorado,
  5. ATCclears

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    It is mixed for me. I became a citizen in 2011 after being here legally since the mid 90's. I know so many people who are either blind to what is happening in one form or another (too busy to care, so caught up in polarized politics, suffering from the Normalcy Bias, or other). It just feels ironic that I care more and yet am the new citizen.

  6. mosinguy1

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    It is not so much ironic as it is very very sad that you care more. I wish more people would wake up and smell the B.S. that is being fed them.

    State of Flux
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    Whatever effort we make now is really for the very young and unborn. We are fast heading to a European style government/society. Thats why the global warming push to guilt you into having less. Taking away the guns makes it go smoother. Some would have you think living like the Europeans is good, cool or trendy. Maybe so but don't be fooled. This will just be a pitstop towards their ultimate goal, communism.
  8. Oathkeeper1775

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    There are people on this day, who don't even know the freedoms that are already gone.

    I remember being able to ride in the backseat of the car without a seat-belt, have an after-market steering wheel, drink a beer @ 18, water-ski in the canals behind a pickup truck, get ruffed-up in brawls behind the school without being suspended/tar and feathered etc. I thought the civil-rights movement was for other races, and largely behind us.

    My entire time in the service (24 years), I knew all along that I was protecting people I didn't necessarily agree-with; I thought the liberal attitudes was a price to pay for living in America, I was on their "other-side", but I wouldn't have imagined that I was actually helping them.

    "To ban intolerance would be intolerant and is therefore banned."

    We have good and bad people on all sides of all ideologies; I believe our mentalities are being turned-back into the 1800s, where life is too complicated for linear methodologies, and we are forced to "circle wagons" with like-minded individuals (if we are lucky enough to find them).

    I've long held the philosophy that the tenets of life never change, and the strong will survive no matter what happens.

    Sometimes I think about all the things that I cannot, wouldn't or don't do because I love my country; and how differently I would be able to conduct myself if I lived in a post-constitutional society.

    How much of our obedience is for the sake of congruence?
  9. rocky3

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    "We have good and bad people on all sides of all ideologies"
    I agree with that statement, being a gun-toting liberal, however I feel a lot of contempt at the word liberal. I support every part of our constitution and feel very sadden at how much has vanished. Obama is without doubt the worse of the lot at destroying our rights.
  10. salmonriverjohn

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    I've been around awhile, and I'd agree that the current POTUS is the worst so far. But something else, this has been done before and to a worse extreme with the first weapons ban. Most of these liberal pukes will have lost their jobs for their stance on this soon, with the exception those elected in Kalifornia (there appears to be no changing them dunderheads) and change will come again. I haven't lost hope entirely in my country yet, just those fools at the helm right now. Damn em all to hell anyway.

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