How do you lose your CHL?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by The Nothing, Jun 5, 2016.

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    So, this actually happened.

    Earlier today at work, I watched a coworker bend down and pick something up from the floor. "Whoa," his new-age-hippy-bubblegum replied and handed his find to me. It was someone's CHL. (no one at work, of course, knowing that I carry). No wallet around. No other ID or credit card. Just the CHL.

    I slipped it into our lost & found shruggingly. I vaguely recognize the man's photo. I know if he were to walk in I'd be able to say "hey, you left this last time" but that's about the extent of the recognition.

    Maybe it's just me. In my "wallet" I carry my primary for of payment, my CHL, my ID, and then all secondary payments, punch cards and insurance info (and 2nd and 3rd CHLs for other states). I don't get how someone can just so easily drop their CHL.

    I thought before, "hey, it'd be cool if this holster had a pocket just for my CHL," but then I also realize how many holsters I have for my primary carry weapon that it would be easy for me to leave it with one holster and forget about it. That's just one reason I carry my wallet organized as I do. (I learned that over 20 years ago. I was in a hospital ER, blinded by gauze, ice, and lighting and they were needing my ID, SSN, and insurance info and I was able to provide all of those cards without having to look or feel around).

    I don't know exactly the purpose of this post other being dumbfounded by a coworker finding someone's CHL. IDs and credit cars happen all the time. Hell, I've even had someone try to give me their CHL as ID (yes, it takes a whole hell of a lot to attain, but they're county issued, so they're not good for anything other than being a CHL).

    If you know an older gentleman, 6'1" and 220lbs (according to the CHL) in Clackamas County that lost his license tonight, I have it at the smoke shop....
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  2. Sgt Nambu

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    I keep my wallet like yours. I'm glad you described a practical reason for such organization. I thought I was just anal!
    It is weird loosing your CHL like that!:eek:
  3. The Nothing

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    It's oldschool order of operations @Sgt Nambu
    You're reaching into your wallet, what do you need?
    9 or more times out of ten it's you're primary form of payment (i'm one of the few left in the world that'll ask for ID to go with that card)
  4. Dyjital

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    We know our firearms inside and out, why not know our wallet like that?

    I lost my CHL once..... False allegations and $2,000 later to clear my name.
  5. teflon97239

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    Is it worn on one edge? Maybe it fell out of the spokes of his Schwinn Stingray.
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    Maybe he just bought a gun and in the excitement he didn't put it back in the wallet.
    But I'm with teflon,I think he had it in his spokes.
    My kid told me about how his step father told him he used toput baseball cards in his spokes.
    Some guy called Lou Gahrigs?o_O
    Wonder what is worth right about now
  7. P7id10T

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    ++1 to the organized wallet. Now if only I could organize everything else as well.
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