How do I use the classified section?

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    Bumping Your Ad

    Bumping an ad is the process of bringing your ad back to the top of one of the classified sections, where it gets more visibility. Regular members may bump their ads once every 7 days. As a way of saying thank you to our donors, Bronze Members can bump every 5 days, Gold Members can bump every 4 days, and Platinum Members can bump every 3 days. Bump intervals are automatically limited by the software.

    To bump your thread, go into the thread you want to bump, then click the Bump button at the bottom of the reply box. It is not necessary to post a reply in order to bump a thread. If the bump button is grayed out it will display the remaining time until you can bump the thread.

    Editing Your Ad

    Ads can be edited by using the edit feature located in the drop down menu below the ad.


    This will display a quick edit box where you can make modifications to your ad. For more advanced editing options, such as adding photos, click the More Options button.


    Classified Thread Prefixes

    Our classified section utilizes thread prefixes to help users quickly find and sort threads. Members should select the appropriate classified prefix when creating classified threads.

    Closing Ads

    Members are required to lock their classified ads once the ad is no longer active. To do this, go into the ad, click Thread Tools, and uncheck the Open box.

    Changing Thread Titles

    Once a thread is posted, members have 5 minutes to edit the title for mistakes. If you need to edit the title after this time, click the report link, type a brief summary of what you would like changed, and click the report button. We will change it as soon as possible.
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