How do I use my referral link?

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    What is a referral link?

    A referral link is a unique link used to give credit to members who spread the word about Northwest Firearms. When a person follows a referral link and joins our community the existing member gets credit for the referral.

    How do I use my referral link?

    Referral links can be used in many different ways, just the same as you would any other link. While emailing links is the most popular way, you can also share it on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), post it on your website, or simply write it down on a piece of paper.

    Why should I use my referral link?

    To help us grow! Our success as an organization is in direct correlation with our membership size. The more members we have here, the more effective we will be at defending our rights and achieving our goals.

    How can I find my referral link or view my referrals?

    You will find a link to your Referral Page in the Account Center, where you can view your referral link as well as a list of members you have referred.


    How can I view the people another member has referred?

    You can view the referrals of other members by clicking the Referrals tab on their Profile Page. The number of referrals is also listed with other information under the profile picture.

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