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How do I use conversations?

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Northwest Firearms

Our community uses private conversations, which are very similar to Private Messages. The biggest difference is that these are threaded, like forum threads, rather than individual messages, like emails. When you open a conversation you see all the messages sent between you and the conversation participant(s). This means if you and another member send 20 messages back and forth you will only have one 'conversation', rather than 10 different messages from that person. This is a much cleaner, more organized method for private communication.


Starting Conversations

To start a conversation with another user simply click their name, then click "Start a Conversation".


Leaving / Deleting / Removing Conversations

To remove conversations from your inbox you need to leave the conversation. This can be done from the conversation list or from within the conversation. From the conversation list, select the conversation(s) you'd like to leave, then click the Leave Conversation button. If you have a conversation open, click the leave conversation button.

This definitely is a new concept, so I'll explain further. Conversations exist until all participants have left the conversation. It's important to realize one of the most powerful things about conversations is the ability to have up to five participants in an easy to read format.

When you leave a conversation, you're given the option to accept or ignore future messages.

Scenario 1 - Accept Future Messages

- Member A and Member B are having a conversation. Member B replies, then leaves the conversation, choosing the default option of accepting future messages.

- Member A logs in a month later and replies to the conversation. When Member B reads the conversation, the entire history of the conversation is restored for context and history.

Scenario 2 - Ignore Future Messages

- Member A, Member B, and Member C are having a conversation. Member B can't make it to the shoot they're planning, so he replies, then leaves the conversation, choosing to ignore future messages.

- Member B will no longer see the conversation between Member A and Member C. These members are not ignored, only future messages in that particular conversation.


NWFA Note: This How do I will be updated as questions arise and time permits. Please watch this thread for future updates. If you have specific questions, please start a conversation with a moderator.
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