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    I recently inherited my fathers large gun collection. I'm getting conflicting information about registering them. There are 31 different hand guns, and 27 rifles. Does anyone know how I go about transferring the ownership to my name, is there a form I can request from Salem, to add all the guns and registration numbers in one batch. If I have do do each gun separately and pay for each one I will be in the poor house..Thanks, I also need ownership in my name since many of these are antiques worth a ton of money, and they need to be insured
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    you live in Oregon city?

    where did your father physically possess the guns? and, are any of them full auto, SBR, etc?

    if they're all "over the counter" guns not regulated by the NFA and Dad lived in Oregon or maintained the collection in Oregon, just pick 'em up and take them home.

    there is no requirement in Oregon to register firearms or for private transfers to go through a dealer.

    If you father lived out of state, this is where it can, but not likely, get tricky.
    according to the gun control act of 1968, interstate inheritance is exempt from an FFL transfer. meaning you can simply come pick them up and take them home... but only the person who actually inherited the firearms can do this. however, if dad lived in a rights restricted state, there may be troubles transporting the guns out of state, like if your dad lived in New York and you're not registered to a pistol you inherited you are in jeopardy until you clear the empire state line. plus if you intend to ship them many carriers will not ship to anyone but an FFL dealer.

    if dad is in your state, just go get your guns man,

    if he's out of state, do some homework before driving over to pick them up, but chances are you won't have any problems.

    *I am not a lawyer, free legal advice is always worth what you paid for it, I assume no liability for any criminal charges or civil torts that result from following what I posted on a internet forum. please verify everything i've told you yourself as well...
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    If you and your father were residents of the same state then you simply pick up the guns. You aren't required to do any form of a background check for an in person private party transfer. Guns do not transfer with a title in the same way a car or truck would. The only record of anyone purchasing a guns is when the transfer takes place at an FFL dealer. And even then it is a simple form the FFL retains for their own records.

    All you need to do for your insurance company is record the make, model, condition and serial number of all of your firearms. Your insurance company may ask for photos to be submitted also(mine did not). The insurance cost for firearms is usually 1% of the value per year.

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