How do I prevent foot blisters?

Hey There,

I get blisters on the bottom of my big toe and adjoining pivot area (ball?) of foot after long hikes.

I don't want that to happen during a SHTF scenario.

What are your solutions?

P.S. I can't wear wool socks, so those are out.

get the green military socks, and make sure your boots actually fit correctly, sometimes they have to get broken in first, and I always carry moleskin to apply to trouble spots or after u get a blister.
My son is an avid mountaineer and I buy boxes of first aid supplies every year for his birthday (for a laugh!) and I found an anti perspirant for the feet to go along with the rolls of moleskin and bottles of liquid bandage product. The liquid bandage helped quite a bit on his 2 week long Pacific Crest hike last year on spots just beginning to blister. For those who are counting each oz packed they make tiny 1 use vials in carded bubble pack...but I prefer the 1 oz glass bottles for my first aid kit Liquid Skin - Sting Free Skin Protectant, 2 pc,(Liquid Skin): Health & Personal Care New-Skin First Aid Antiseptic Liquid Bandage 1 fl oz (30 ml): Health & Personal Care New-Skin Antiseptic Liquid Bandage Spray 1 fl oz (28 g): Health & Personal Care BodyGlide Liquified Powder Skin Lubricant (9 Packets): Sports & Outdoors BodyGlide Anti-Chafing Stick 0.45oz: Sports & Outdoors
Once you get a blister it's easy to take care of as long as you have needle and thread.

Disinfect needle (alcohol or fire works).
Thread needle like normal.
Push needle thru one side of blister.
Hold onto ONE thread and pull the needle thru the blister.
Now you should have a single piece of thread sticking out each side of the blister.
Trim the ends to about 1/4" on each side then slap some liquid bandage or moleskin over it.

The thread allows the blister to weep instead of resealing and refilling with fluid.


Try polypropelene (sp?) liner socks, such as sold by Cabelas under your sock of choice. They are very thin, take up very little space in your boot (and your pack). Work very well to prevent blisters. Also add remarkably to the ability of your sock of choice to keep your feet warm (or cool). I have no allergies to wool, and so wear wool for a cold hunt, thick cotton for a warm hunt. Best investment I've ever made for my feet: 100 miles above the arctic circle for Dall's sheep, to South Central Oregon in August for antelope. Can be washed and rinsed easily in camp, and dry in about 5 minutes. Blisters are a thing of the past for me now.


A good skin or dedicated foot treatment/lotion applied regularly will also help by keeping the skin soft. Jafra cosmetics used to have a two stage process called 'Velvet hands' - but it worked well on feet also.
I have found that well fitted and broken in shoes paired with calloused feet are the only things that prevent blisters. Keep some mole skin around to treat new blisters, but if you want to be prepared for SHTF, you are going to have to bust your feet up a bit to get them rugged.
+1 Build callouses, and the blisters will disappear.
No different than playing the guitar
Good boots and tough feet. Wear them a lot and put some miles on them. Its the only way.

As far as treatment goes, prevention first. If you feel a hot spot developing, stop and put moleskin on, sooner is better. Rotate your socks, take your shoes off during breaks, let them breath and dry out.

For extremely wet conditions, (I hike the Olympics) goretex boots are kind of worthless. Cold water on the outside, a warm foot on the inside, the water vaporizes, moves thru the barrier and into your nice dry sock.


Whenever the urge to go for a long hike strikes, find a camp chair and a cold beer and seriously contemplate whether it's more fun to go out and make blisters. After about 30 minutes of this (and the 3rd beer) the urge usually goes away.
Im a big fan of Wright socks. They are dual layer yet very thin. I always wear them under my boot socks if I am hiking with any weight on my back.

I also always carry moleskin like others have suggested.

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