How do I get banned? (Reminder System Information)

Discussion in 'How do I...?' started by Northwest Firearms, Mar 9, 2014.

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    Members may be banned from our community due to violation of our community rules or violation of our Terms of Service. While we do reserve the right to revoke your membership at any time, it's actually quite difficult to get banned.

    When a member violates a rule they are given a warning. Each warning carries between 1 and 3 warning points, depending on the rule violated. Members who accumulate a set number of points within a 1 year time period are automatically banned for a set length of time. Warning points expire 1 year from the date received.

    10 Points - 1 Week
    15 Points - 1 Month
    20 Points - 3 Months
    25 Points - 1 Year

    Members can view their warning details on their profile page.


    To put into perspective just how lenient we are, a member has to violate the rules at least four times to earn a two week ban. This system was developed to remind and encourage members to follow the rules in a fair, transparent, and consistent manner.

    Please keep in mind that blatantly violating the rules will result in revocation of membership outside of this warning system.
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