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Nice graphics on the fuzes. Anything more than a direct contact fuze is expensive. And has enough complexity to it that explains a high dud rate in some foreign ammunition.

In the field artillery, everything is heavy. Often hot, heavy work. A 155 projectile as used in the Vietnam war weighed 95 pounds.

Video of common US Army artillery equipment used in the early Vietnam era. Later, the M102 105 how. came into service. In Vietnam, we had the M110 SP 8 inch how. and the M107 175mm gun, also SP. Many US FA batteries were still using the split trail 155mm how.

05 I was contracting in Iraq and stationed at Anaconda. Just finished a 12 hour shift when the sirens went off to take cover. I was in a truck and headed for cover when off in the distance a barrage was going off using the big artillery.

Amazing how fast and heavy the shell were pounding, in the twilight the flashes were huge. A long low Rumble of sound.. A while later the 10 rounds of mortar fire on us from the enemy seemed like nothing in comparison.

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