How are you preparing for civil unrest ....

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For woody stuff you need to mix in some Crossbow.

Today I mowed a couple acres of grass/etc. that is taller than I am.

Tomorrow I am going to spray brambles and treat some cut down Scotch broom, then probably mow some more while it is still green, so that I have less fire danger. Maybe have time to get to the back acreage and spray some maple back there and see how the fir trees that were planted last year are doing.
What will kill old growth laural ? Ive done everything and it keeps coming back

The Heretic

With Crossbow, what you do is cut the plant such that there is a stump, then you spread some of the Crossbow on the cut stump. You generally don't spray it on.

Naturally you don't use your fingers/etc. to spread it. Some people use a Q-Tip or something like that.

I have mixed Crossbow with Roundup and sprayed it onto woody things like Scotch broom and maple and brambles.

Crossbow is very concentrated. It won't kill grass, but it will kill many other plants, especially woody plants - so if you are spraying it around stuff you don't want to kill, you might try spot treating it by applying it with a q-tip onto the cut stalk of a plant.

It can take a couple of weeks to kill things too.


With Crossbow, what you do is cut the plant such that there is a stump, then you spread some of the Crossbow on the cut stump. You generally don't spray it on.
took me a minute to realize you were discussing a herbicide and not an actual crossbow. Crossbow? What a terrible name for a herbicide. I looked up the company and this is what they have named the rest of their herbicides:


The only one that even remotely sounds like a herbicide is the one that looks like "brush rape." "Tap out" is for grass. Why not "grassination" or "grassimate?"


Patton? I dunno. Maybe the Stephen King miniseries, 'The Stand' is more appropriate. That was a joke. I love Patton, at least the movie anyway.

Longest lasting milk product I know is the Auguson Farms freeze dried in the #10 cans. Guaranteed ten years fresh. Sold out at Amazon, of course.

Here's a survival hint you probably don't know. Water is one of the hardest things to store on the long term without changing it out once in a while. But Pelligrino water in the green GLASS (not plastic) bottles, has almost an unlimited shelf life if not opened and kept at steady temp away from sunlight. Like in a box in a closet. Ten years at least. Plastic-bottled water, or using food grade plastic jugs....well, you still have to change out the water occasionally even if you use purifiers in the water. 'Regular' bottled water is okay but eventually chemicals leach into the water from the plastic. But those glass Pelligrino bottles will last plenty of years without any worry.

Local news, Auburn, WA: The looters breached at least a dozen stores the other night at the Supermall, (name now is The Outlet Collection, but many people still call it the Supermall.) When police arrived, the looters, obviously ORGANIZED, jumped into their cars and fled to other local cities like Federal Way to do more looting. Auburn mayor has declared civil emergency and imposed a night curfew through at least June 6th.

Isn't that also D-Day? She even told reporters they had to get approved by either HER...or the Police be out after curfew. She's already losing support locally. I don't even think the mayor can circumvent the First Amendment and tell reporters they can't cover looting stories without her direct permission.

I won't go into a tirade here, but trust me...she's an idiot anyway. :D

EDIT: We live in a three-main-building set of condos away from downtown. Each building has four units. Everyone knows everyone else. A week ago, I got permission to install additional security lighting to the parking lot, sensor-activated...and a motion sensor proximity warning unit that goes to my place. Does a little 'DING' and only set to go off at night. I live in the most secure unit, far back in the corner and can see the entrance to the parking lot. Neighbors? I organized them into a common defense group, and a couple of them are crazier than I am. The guy across from me is big enough to play linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks. Well...this place has a big fence around it and only one way in...same way OUT. He caught a homeless guy prowling cars a month ago. Grabbed this guy and actually tossed him bodily over a six foot fence! Told him this:

"And don't EVER come back!"
Has a nice family, too. I like him a lot.
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"I'm warning you...! Just wait until you father comes home!"

Support duty eh, it looks like National Guard will be making coffee and fluffing pillows. What a disgrace she is.
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Arms Collectors of SW Washington Gun Show
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Cerberus Training Group - Run the Gun Pistol
Cerberus Training Group
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Cerberus Training Group - Run the Gun Rifle
Cerberus Training Group
47 Cattle Dr, Goldendale, WA 98620, USA


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